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Allow your customers from Sweden to work comfortably with your website.

Swedish language in Luigi’s Box

Do you speak Swedish? You can switch to Swedish in Luigi’s Box and work comfortably. Swedish is one of the many language translations and localizations that you can switch to in your Luigi’s Box settings. Start using all tools and features in Swedish to accommodate all Swedish-speaking users and customers and create a better experience for them.

Swedish is a North Germanic language and the fourth most spoken Germanic language. It’s descended from the Old Norse from the Viking Era and it’s mutually intelligible with Norwegian and Danish to a certain degree, mostly depending on the dialects and accents of the speakers. It’s mainly spoken in Sweden where it’s the official language, and also in some parts of Finland. It used to be spoken in Estonia, but the number of speakers has waned through the years. Swedish has around 10 million native speakers and around 3 million speakers who use it as a second language.