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Recommender Cart Value

Get insights into how much item value shopping carts gain thanks to recommendations.

What is the Recommender cart value?

The Recommender cart value analytics feature shows you what was the exact cart value during the customer’s shopping journey and their activity with the recommender feature. Cart value refers to the customers’ online shopping cart items’ total value. Thanks to this analytic feature, you can find out about the cart values of the recommended items customers added to their cart.

How can you use the Recommender cart value analytics?

This type of analytics can give you insight into how much item value the customers’ shopping carts had from recommendations, and determine how much earnings your Luigi’s Box Recommender brought you.

This data can help you determine whether your use of the Recommender feature is effective enough to bring you extra earnings thanks to valuable product recommendations.

What are the benefits of the Recommender cart value analytics?

  • Find out about cart values from recommended items
  • Tweak recommendations thanks to accurate data