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Rotating Words

Help customers while searching with rotating ideas for search queries shown in the search bar.

What is the Rotating words feature?

This Luigi’s Box feature is tied to the Autocomplete showcase feature. These two features together ensure that your search bar will get noticed. The showcase refers to a simple but effective animation that shows words being typed into the search bar.

The Rotating words feature selects the words that will be shown. The Rotating words serve two purposes. First, they show the customers where they can begin a search thanks to a simple but very noticeable typing animation. Additionally, the Rotating words give them an idea of a product selection your store has and fulfills a small but effective marketing role.

How can you use the Rotating words feature?

Most significantly, the Rotating words can give an example of search queries to new customers who might not be familiar with search bars yet. Since gaining attention is very important in an e‑shop, the Rotating words can serve a smaller marketing role in your online store. They can promote various product categories that can be typed into the search bar while bringing attention to the search bar itself.

The most significant outcome of this is a better customer experience during the customers’ shopping journey. Rotating words serve as a small wow factor that can be added to your e‑shop for support and the general presentation of the search bar.

What are the benefits of the Rotating words feature?

  • Search bar presentation
  • Gives ideas for search queries to customers