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Search CTR

Get data about keywords or phrases that bring the best results and increase a chance of making a sale.

What is Search CTR?

CTR is an abbreviation of Clickthrough rate which is essentially a number that explains how many of search results your customers click on and continued their shopping journey. Luigi’s Box analytics can also help you find out what is your Search CTR. The larger the CTR rate is on any given search, the biggers is your chance of a successful sale.

How can you use Search CTR?

Search CTR analytic is ideal fo finding out how accurate are the search results for various keywords. If a customer searches for a product with the correct wording, yet doesn’t find the desired result, the chance of them clicking on a product result will be much lower, which decreases satisfaction and a chance of making a sale.

Thanks to Search CTR analytics, you can determine which keywords and phrases are turning up with the best results more accurately.

What are the benefits of Search CTR?

  • Get data about Search Clickthrough rate
  • Improve thanks to accurate CTR data