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Search Exit Rate

Detect all reasons customers leave your search and use this data for improvement.

What is Search exit rate?

Search exit rate is an analytics feature that measures how often your online visitors exited their search at any time during the attempt. Search exit rate is a useful information, as it can reveal many factors for why a customer left the search. It can be related to customer frustration during unsuccessful search, distractions during search, or other factors.

How can you use the Search exit rate analytics?

Determining the search exit rate thanks to accurate data is an important data source for any good e‑shop. Learn why your customers leave search and figure out what was the main reason for their exit. Thanks to this data you can find out if they were simply distracted by other cool products, if they got frustrated during their search, or if they simply didn’t have the time to continue.

You can use this data to improve and tweak your search, recommendations and other features for the best results.

What are the benefits of the Search exit rate analytics?

  • Stay informed about the Search exit rate
  • Use data to improve your Luigi’s Box search