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Searches without Results

Decrease the chance of fruitless searches on your e‑shop that don't bring any conversions.

What are Searches without results?

Searches without results are searches that failed to show and present any product results whatsoever. Fruitless searches can be very frustrating for customers, which is why this type of analytic data is important to have, and to learn as much as you can about why a particular search turned up with zero results.

How can you use the Searches without results analytics?

Finding about which searches turned up with zero results is a crucial type of analytic to have at your disposal. Searches with zero results are fruitless and therefore won’t bring any satisfaction to any customer, leaving you with zero conversions.

By having this type of data at your disposal, you can find out what needs to be tweaked to make sure your online visitors will always get a successful search with relevant results.

What are the benefits of the Searches without results analytics?

  • Find out which searches turn up with no results
  • Improve and get rid of fruitless searches on your e‑shop