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WooCommerce is an open-source e‑commerce plugin for WordPress. It is designed for small to large-sized online businesses. WooCommerce is a popular e‑commerce plugin for WordPress that allows users to create their own e‑shop on WordPress.

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Luigi’s Box integration with WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a popular e‑commerce plugin for WordPress that allows users to create their e‑shop on WordPress. WooCommerce is also easy to customize and adjust while still being a freeware product.

In addition, it offers many useful paid extensions and plugins to help you take your e‑shop further. Let your online shoppers get the maximum from their search and improve the customer journey with Luigi’s Box.

What will Luigi’s Box integration with WooCommerce bring you?

Our integration with WooCommerce can help you provide a better and more efficient smart search, improve your chances of making additional sales with a recommender, and give you a comprehensive analytics overview.

Let’s take a deeper look at the benefits of Luigi’s Box integration with WooCommerce.

What Luigi's Box Search can do?

Luigi’s Box advanced search help you improve the shopping experience for each of your customers. Take advantage of our artificial intelligence’s power, and automate many search-related tasks with minimum effort. For example, one of the search features is word lemmatization, which can help you unify words to ensure none of the forms will escape your search. In addition, typo tolerance ensures each search will be successful regardless of common typos. There’s much more to discover, so look at a few of our key features and find out how to make your store’s product search more productive with WooCommerce integration with Luigi’s Box.

Search autocomplete

Get an advanced search box with autocomplete feature that makes searching easier by completing the entered query and always showing relevant content.

Typo correction

Use an automatic active-all-time feature to correct each typo in search and ensure your customers get the most accurate results.

Multiple product availabilities

Create multiple product copies with different descriptions and pricing and show customers the correct one based on their geolocation.

No results prevention

Make sure your customers will always find relevant products and show them alternatives based on the keywords of the product they searched for.

What Luigi's Box Recommender can do?

Would you like to show your customers how good you are at recognizing their interests? Provide customers with accurate recommendations based on the data of their previous searches or relevant product pairings with whatever they already have in their cart. Our smart recommender also comes with analytics features, so you can always look at an overview and see how they perform daily. Take advantage of this and get started with our WooCommerce integration today. Look at a few of key features:

Contextual recommendations

Show recommendations based on customers' past searches, frequently visited products, or product categories, and increase your sales.

Last seen

Show customers their latest previously viewed products and reminds them of them, and thus encourage them to recheck those products and make a purchase.

Novelties boosting

Boost sales of new products in your e‑shop by giving them some extra spotlight and making them more noticeable to customers.

Visual recommendations

Display relevant product recommendations to customers using recommendations with images of products that they may like to add to the cart.

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What Luigi's Box Product Listing can do?

For e‑shop owners with wide range of products we prepared Luigi’s Box Product listing feature, that helps customers easily find what they are looking for. Your customers can quickly check a product descriptions, images, compare it with others, view its reviews, and speed up the checkout process.

Improve search experience while browsing your website looking for their desired products, and speed up the entire purchase process. Look at a few of our smart Product listing features:


Personalize product listing pages according to customers' previous interactions with your e‑shop and provide them with the best customer experience.

Product ranking

Have control of products that appear in the Product listing and arrange them according to your preferences.

Product banners

Promote chosen products directly in the Product listing with product banners that you can customize as needed anytime.

Dynamic filters in product listing

Use dynamic filters on product listing pages and make it easier for your customers to browse through dozens of products by showing them only the relevant filter options.

What Luigi's Box Analytics can do?

Gain a deep insight into your performance and improve all related processes thanks to our extensive analytics features that can give you a perfect overview of all essential data.

Luigi’s Box dashboard has an intuitive and easy-to-navigate dashboard that can present you with every vital piece of data you need to improve your business. Find out where you’re doing your best and keep track of business areas where you need to improve. Look at a few of analytics powerful features:

Query detail

Learn what products in your e‑shop are the most sought after, which are less popular, or which product type is the most popular in a certain period.

Search CTR

Get data about Search Clickthrough rate of your search and learn which keywords and phrases are turning up with the best results more accurately.

Recommender conversions

Track all conversions from recommendations and learn which are effective and which are not and how to improve them in the future.

Top performing products

Learn about the most popular products among customers and use this data as inspiration on how to promote other products better in search analytics.


Luigi’s Box toolset will improve user experience without slowing down your website. You can adjust the function of your search bar based on user interactions with your content. Customize and adjust your shoppers’ experience with custom suggestions and improve your chances of making a successful sale.

Easy 4-step integration with no need for IT specialists. No credit card is required.


Log in to your Merchant Center


Go to Settings > Developer settings


In the API clients, click "Create new API client" on the right side of the screen


Give the new API client a name, e.g.: "Luigi's Box sync client"


Luigi’s Box pricing is usage-based. It means interested users of Luigi’s Box can contact the vendor to get a plan and pricing information customized to their specific needs.

Please provide us with essential information about your e‑shops, such as the number of products in your store’s catalog and the average monthly pageviews your website gets, in the form, and one of our specialists will get in touch with you as soon as possible. These factors will affect how much your customized plan costs.

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