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Delight Customers and Enjoy Higher Revenue With Luigi's Box's Related Products

Unlock the power of product discovery with Luigi's Box. Our cutting-edge product recommendation engine intelligently showcases related products, offering customers tailored suggestions that resonate with their preferences.

Elevate your e-commerce game, drive higher sales, and seize lucrative upsell and cross-sell opportunities, all with Luigi's Box by your side.

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How can Luigi's Box's Related products help your business?

  • Boost conversion rates: Luigi’s Box’s Related products increase the likelihood of conversions by guiding customers towards complementary items.
  • Enhance cross-sell opportunities: Expand revenue streams by effortlessly suggesting cross-sell products at the right moment.
  • Elevate customer experience: Provide an exceptional shopping journey with personalized product recommendations.
  • Optimize product listings: Improve product discoverability and sales with our dynamic, data-driven related product displays.
Complementary product suggestions

Enhanced shopping cart experience

With Luigi’s Box, the shopping cart becomes a powerful tool. We leverage your customers’ purchase history to suggest additional products that complement their selections intelligently.

This seamless integration enhances the shopping journey, increasing the likelihood of adding more items to the cart and boosting sales while ensuring customer satisfaction.

Data-driven product recommendations

Deliver personalized results

Luigi’s Box relies on advanced algorithms that analyze rich product data. This allows us to offer targeted up-sell products based on customer preferences and behavior.

By harnessing the power of data, we deliver personalized shopping experiences that translate into higher sales and increased customer engagement.

Upsell opportunities

Increase sales and revenue

Our recommendation engine is finely tuned to identify optimal moments for showcasing up-sell products.

By strategically presenting these offers during the customer’s journey, Luigi’s Box helps you maximize opportunities to increase the average revenue.

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Meet Luigi's Box Related product features

Increase your sales and average order value with relevant product recommendation features such as:

AI-powered product suggestions

Luigi’s Box utilizes advanced AI algorithms to provide intelligent product recommendations. Our technology analyzes customer behavior, ensuring personalized suggestions resonate with each shopper’s preferences. This feature significantly enhances customer engagement and drives sales by delivering products aligned with their interests and buying patterns.

Product variants

Luigi’s Box simplifies the shopping process by presenting all product variants in a clear and user-friendly manner. Customers can effortlessly explore and select the perfect product, improving their shopping experience and reducing friction in their decision-making process.

Usell opportunities

With Luigi’s Box, businesses can seize upsell product opportunities strategically. Our platform identifies key moments in the customer journey to present enticing upsell products. This boosts transaction values, leading to increased revenue for your e-commerce store.

Cross-sell items

Luigi’s Box seamlessly incorporates cross-selling into your e-commerce strategy. By intelligently suggesting complementary products, we enhance customer baskets and encourage additional purchases. This feature maximizes sales potential and diversifies your revenue streams.

Visual recommender

Luigi’s Box’s Visual recommender feature transforms product recommendations by incorporating captivating visuals. This engages customers and guides them toward products that align with their preferences. By elevating the overall shopping experience, the Visual Recommender enhances customer satisfaction and drives sales growth.

Product bundles

Luigi’s Box Recommendation bundles feature is designed to optimize sales. We group related items into product bundles, presenting customers with convenient package options. This encourages larger purchases and simplifies decision-making, ultimately boosting your e-commerce revenue.

Mixing product types

Luigi’s Box enhances your product recommendations through Recommendation mixing. This feature intelligently combines various product types, creating a dynamic and diverse shopping experience. Offering customers a broader range of options increases the chances of satisfying their preferences and growing sales.

Recommendation preview

Luigi’s Box’s Recommendation preview feature empowers customers to explore and assess recommended products before making a decision. This interactive feature provides a sneak peek into the suggested items, enhancing customer confidence and leading to more informed purchasing choices.

Boost your e-shop's conversion rate and average order value with personalized product recommendations powered by AI.
G2 Ratings

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Have a look at the Usability scores for G2’s E‑Commerce Search category. The chart highlights critical factors contributing to the products’ overall Usability score.

  • Ease of admin
  • Ease of use
  • Meets requirements
  • Other factors
Luigi's Box
  • Ease of admin: 1.75
  • Ease of use: 2.78
  • Meets requirements: 2.79
  • Other factors: 1.67
Ease of admin: 1.75
Ease of use: 2.78
Meets requirements: 2.79
Other factors: 1.67
  • Ease of admin: 1.88
  • Ease of use: 2.9
  • Meets requirements: 2.79
  • Other factors: 1.31
Ease of admin: 1.88
Ease of use: 2.9
Meets requirements: 2.79
Other factors: 1.31
  • Ease of admin: 1.92
  • Ease of use: 2.64
  • Meets requirements: 2.68
  • Other factors: 1.45
Ease of admin: 1.92
Ease of use: 2.64
Meets requirements: 2.68
Other factors: 1.45
Elastic Enterprise Search
  • Ease of admin: 1.72
  • Ease of use: 2.23
  • Meets requirements: 2.67
  • Other factors: 0.56
Ease of admin: 1.72
Ease of use: 2.23
Meets requirements: 2.67
Other factors: 0.56
Customer Reviews

Learn how we helped countless businesses worldwide

Luigi’s Box is one of the top search & discovery solutions for a good reason. Look at our clients’ reviews and see how we helped them improve their business.

"It has proven to be an absolutely invaluable tool!"

It is extremely easy to use and has robust features to boost your e-commerce project. I especially like AI-powered search and personalized recommendations for our customers. In fact, thanks to Luigi's Box, we...

Tomáš O.
Co-founder & CMO
Full Review on G2

"Very good search engine and recommender."

Good search engine and recommender, can be tuned up by individual settings in the back office. It is very helpful, especially when you have very large product offer.

Petr M.
G2 verified user
Full Review on G2

"Great product for customers. Very helpful for growing revenue."

Management system with many functions, dashboards and monthly summary in e-mail, great support (fast, good recommendations, communication, etc.), stable.

Jozef F.
G2 verified user
Full Review on G2

Shopping cart value increased dramatically

Recommender is a useful and inspirational resource for our customers to discover Powerlogy's products. How do we know that? Our average shopping cart value has been rising dramatically.

Michal Dodok
Head of Marketing, Powerlogy

Conversion rate increased by 600%

We’ve been using Luigi’s Box since 2017. In addition to our search conversion rate increase by 600%, the service also enhanced our in-store customer service.

Martin Derňar
Chief Omnichannel Officer, Nay

Taking extra effort to improve business results

Luigi’s Box massively streamlines shopping for our customers. Moreover, they developed several features for us that help manage products in our e-shop.

Piotr Maciazka
Implementation Team Manager, Answear

Luigi’s Box improves customer experience

The most significant contribution of Luigi’s Box to EXIsport is an improvement in customer experience. The quicker they find what they search for, and the more relevant the search query is, the higher...

Juraj Giacko
Head of E-Commerce, EXIsport

Improved conversion rates and customer satisfaction

Luigi’s Box is a very progressive tool, which complements our existing analytical data. Its usage led not only to higher conversion rates for our e-shop but helped us keep high standards of customer...

Jana Karasová
Online Sales and Service Development Specialist, O2

Luigi’s Box was a real eye-opener for us

Luigi’s Box was a real eye-opener for us. E-shoppers often forget to care about customer experience and invest too many resources into advertising. Luigi's Box showed us what we could gain if we...

Soňa Fialková
CEO, SpokojenýPes

Team of professional specialists

Luigi’s Box is a guarantee of a professional approach. As the search specialists, they lead us to our goals much faster.

Tomáš Bzirský
Performance Marketing Manager, Košík

More than €100,000/year thanks to Luigi’s Box

Given our size, Luigi's Box brings us over €100,000 a year without much hard work for a price that was immediately returned multiple times.

Jakub Žilinčan
Chief Marketing Officer, Electronic-star

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    Frequently asked questions

    How does Luigi's Box create a personalized experience for my customers?

    Luigi’s Box uses a sophisticated recommendation engine that goes beyond generic suggestions. We delve into the specifics of each customer’s shopping journey by considering their individual preferences, purchase history, and behavioral patterns. This holistic approach allows us to create a shopping experience that is finely tuned to each customer’s unique tastes and needs.

    Whether suggesting products similar to their past purchases, frequently viewed items, or complementary products based on current selections, Luigi’s Box ensures that every recommendation feels tailored, enhancing customer engagement and ultimately leading to a highly personalized and satisfying shopping journey.

    Can I customize related products by product category?

    Yes, Luigi’s Box allows you to customize related and supplementary products by category, enabling suitable product recommendations that align with your inventory and customer needs.

    What are the advantages of using product recommendations for my e-commerce website?

    Advanced product recommendations from Luigi’s Box can significantly reduce cart abandonment and bounce rates by guiding customers to relevant and enticing products, ultimately boosting sales and customer satisfaction.

    Do I have customization options for Luigi's Box-related products?

    Absolutely! Luigi’s Box offers advanced customization options, allowing you to fine-tune the related item recommendations to align with your brand’s unique strategy and goals.