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SearchStax Alternative

Delivering Robust Search Experiences: Your SearchStax Alternative

Elevate your online store with Luigi's Box, the ultimate search solution. Harness powerful website search technology for precise, relevant content discovery.

Luigi's Box vs. SearchStax 

Luigi's Box and SearchStax comparison: Unveiling the ultimate enterprise search service

Explore the wide range of features that shape the digital experience. From a powerful search box to actionable search insights, compare the prowess of Luigi's Box and SearchStax to make an informed choice.

Luigi's Box
API Integration Seamless backend integration through API.
Advanced Language Processing Top-notch processing of European languages, including CEE.
Recommender Personalized product recommendations.
Analytics Comprehensive analytics to optimize the performance.
Product Listing All the perks of advanced ranking in the navigation product list.
Offline A/B Test See the results before going live without any risks.
AI/Machine Learning AI/ML to personalize the shopping experience.
Voice Search Search for products without the need for typing.
Product Bundles Product suggestion packages based on popular search requests.
Custom Sorting Rules Set your own search and recommendation rules.
Last update: 29/06/2023

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Intelligent search

What makes Luigi’s Box special?

Luigi's Box offers personalized site search with advanced search techniques and actionable insights to help you deliver relevant search results and harness the power of AI-powered search for an unparalleled user experience.

Smart search functionality

Experience accurate search results with Luigi's Box's advanced algorithms, ensuring users find exactly what they need, enhancing satisfaction.

Customizable site search

Customize filters, sorting, and visuals to match your brand's identity, providing a unique and engaging search experience.

Real-time agility

Stay current with instant updates as Luigi's Box synchronizes with your evolving product catalog, ensuring seamless and accurate results.

Advanced business intelligence

Leverage AI-powered insights to uncover trends, popular queries, and customer behaviors, refining strategies and enhancing customer experience.

Choosing the right search platform

How to pick SearchStax alternative?

An ideal SearchStax alternative should be a scalable platform delivering compelling search experiences. It should include content categorization, machine learning models, and dynamic visualizations for an exceptional user journey.


Choose a platform that effortlessly grows with your needs, offering seamless scalability to handle expanding product catalogs and user traffic.

Search relevance

Opt for an alternative that delivers a relevant and immersive search experience, ensuring users find what they seek quickly and effortlessly.

Intelligent content organization

The alternative should efficiently categorize content for enhanced discoverability, optimizing search results with precision and relevance.

AI-powered content recommendations

The tool should leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning models to provide users with more accurate results for business decision-making.


What our customers say

Discover how Luigi’s Box enhances customer loyalty by optimizing customer touchpoints and offering tailor-made customization options for exceptional experiences.

"It has proven to be an absolutely invaluable tool!"

It’s easy to use and has robust features. I especially like AI-powered search and personalized recommendations. Our average order increased by over 10%. I recommend Luigi's Box to anyone who sells online.

Tomáš O.
Co-founder & CMO
Full Review on G2

"Very good search engine and recommender."

Good search engine and recommender, can be tuned up by individual settings in the back office. It is very helpful, especially when you have very large product offer.

Petr M.
G2 verified user
Full Review on G2

"Great product for customers. Very helpful for growing revenue."

Management system with many functions, dashboards and monthly summary in e-mail, great support (fast, good recommendations, communication, etc.), stable.

Jozef F.
G2 verified user
Full Review on G2

Shopping cart value increased dramatically

Recommender is a useful and inspirational resource for our customers to discover Powerlogy's products. How do we know that? Our average shopping cart value has been rising dramatically.

Michal Dodok
Head of Marketing, Powerlogy

Building in-house search is like building another Google

It doesn’t make sense to develop our own search. Luigi’s Box's value is understanding and adapting to our needs. This level of understanding and responsiveness is absent in competitors offering similar solutions.

Martin Derňar
Chief Digital & eCommerce, Nay

Taking extra effort to improve business results

Luigi’s Box massively streamlines shopping for our customers. Moreover, they developed several features for us that help manage products in our e-shop.

Piotr Maciążka
Implementation Team Manager, Answear

Luigi’s Box improves customer experience

The most significant contribution of Luigi’s Box to EXIsport is improving customer experience. The quicker customers find what they search for, the higher the chance they will complete the purchase.

Juraj Giacko
Head of E-Commerce, EXIsport

Improved conversion rates and customer satisfaction

Luigi’s Box is a very progressive tool that complements our existing analytical data. Its usage led to higher conversion rates and helped us maintain high customer satisfaction standards.

Jana Karasová
Online Sales and Service Development Specialist, O2

Luigi’s Box was a real eye-opener for us

Luigi’s Box was an eye-opener for us. E-shops often forget about customer experience and invest too much in advertising. Luigi's Box showed us what we can gain when we care about search.

Soňa Fialková
CEO, SpokojenýPes

Team of professional specialists

Luigi’s Box is a guarantee of a professional approach. As the search specialists, they lead us to our goals much faster.

Tomáš Bzirský
Performance Marketing Manager, Košík

More than €100,000/year thanks to Luigi’s Box

Given our size, Luigi's Box brings us over €100,000 a year without much hard work for a price that was immediately returned multiple times.

Jakub Žilinčan
Chief Marketing Officer, Electronic-star
Exploring Luigi's Box

Why is Luigi’s Box a suitable SearchStax alternative?

Discover how Luigi’s Box excels with unparalleled customization options, affordability for SMBs, flexible scalability, and remarkable search speed and accuracy, setting it apart from SearchStax.

Tailored to your vision

Personalized search experiences

Luigi’s Box empowers you to mold the search experience to your brand’s essence.

From filters to visuals, craft a unique journey that resonates with your customers, setting the stage for meaningful connections.

A solution for every scale

Affordable scalability

Unlike its counterparts, Luigi’s Box ensures small and mid-sized businesses can afford a top-tier search solution.

Scale seamlessly as your business grows, without compromising on performance or budget.

Product browsing with precision

Comprehensive product listing

Luigi’s Box provides personalized product listing pages with advanced product ranking based on seasonality, popularity, and business logic to support your business goals. In addition, dynamic filters help refine search results for the ultimate shopping experience.

Finding in an instant

Accelerated accuracy

Experience search results in the blink of an eye with Luigi’s Box.

Its lightning-fast search speed and accuracy create an efficient browsing environment, delighting your customers with quick answers.

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Ready to transform your search experience?

Elevate your business intelligence with Luigi’s Box, delivering accurate searches and unparalleled search relevance for informed decision-making.

More Tools

What's in the box


Comprehensive analytics that identifies issues with search queries and helps find out how to optimize and improve them for better results.


Smart search with autocomplete helps visitors quickly find the products they are looking for, considerably reducing wasteful shopping time. 


Personalized boxes with product recommendations help raise the average order value and can be placed anywhere on the website.

Product Listing

Personalized product listing pages, organized in a way that enhances browsing experience, supports your business goals and increases revenue.

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    Frequently asked questions

    How does Luigi's Box enhance search relevance?

    Luigi’s Box employs advanced search algorithms to ensure that search results are highly relevant and accurate, enhancing the user experience. Our autocomplete search feature suggests words in a search bar based on various product-related keywords. It is frequently used to save customers time and encourage customer buying decisions.

    Our business metrics ranking feature considers margin, novelty, boosting, and other product-related metrics to rank products according to your preference.

    Can Luigi's Box accommodate businesses of different sizes?

    Absolutely. Luigi’s Box is designed with flexibility in mind, offering affordable options catering to small and mid-sized businesses and providing scalable solutions for larger enterprises.

    How does Luigi's Box provide actionable insights?

    Through AI-driven analytics, Luigi’s Box offers valuable insights into customer behavior and search patterns, empowering you with actionable information to refine strategies and improve user engagement.

    These analytics include usage data, lost opportunities, searches without results or with low conversions, and much more.

    What kind of customization options does Luigi's Box offer?

    Luigi’s Box offers extensive customization, allowing you to tailor search filters, sorting options, and visual elements to match your brand’s identity, creating a unique and engaging search experience for your customers.