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Shopify predictive search

Enhancing Shopify Experiences with Luigi's Box Predictive Search

Increase your conversion rates with faster and more accurate search results with Luigi's Box Predictive search feature.

Help your customers with accurate product recommendations and reduce bounce rates by up to 45% on your Shopify store.

Predictive search advantages

Why you should use Shopify predictive search on your e-commerce website?

  • Encourage your customers by suggesting relevant products, categories, and popular searches.
  • Reduce bounce rates by giving your customers what they are looking for
  • Increase search experience by reducing the effort required to find products and information


avg. sales uplift with search


avg. conversion increase in cart with recommender


avg. customer retention with personalization

Time-saving feature

Boost conversions with relevant results

Boost your sales by increasing conversion rates and reducing bounce rates. You can save your customers time and help them find the items they are looking for more quickly. And save them from having to go through your navigation menu.

Smart query suggestions

Leverage auto-correction and autocomplete

Help your customers find what they need with autocomplete and auto-correction features. It can correct typos and provide spelling suggestions, ensuring customers still get relevant results even if they make mistakes in their search queries.

Improve search suggestions

Control your search bar

You have control over what search terms to display. Improve search suggestions by analyzing customer searches and modifying product recommendations. Skip unavailable products and give better product suggestions with the predictive search functionality.

Discover full product catalog

Give them a full tour of your store

Customers may be unaware of the other products in your store. Therefore, predictive searching may provide product and content categories that are aligned with business goals in order to raise user awareness of your site.

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Features of the Predictive search

Have more views, more sales, and improve user experience by quickly directing your customers to their desired items.

Relevant suggestions

Provide relevant product suggestions based on the type of customer and reduce wasteful shopping time. You can even use this innovative search feature to suggest items based on the product type.

Typo tolerance

Ensure that accurate search results can still be obtained even when the search terms used contain spelling mistakes. The smart search feature will still suggest a relevant product even with a partial search phrase.

Data analytics

Get valuable data and insights about customer behavior and preferences. E-commerce business owners can improve product recommendations by analyzing what’s in the trend and looking at the search patterns.

Mobile-friendly search feature

Increase mobile customer satisfaction with features like autocomplete, product suggestions, and filters tailored for touchscreens, making it easier for customers to discover and explore your product catalog

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    Frequently asked questions

    What is predictive search?

    Predictive search, also called “suggestive search,” is when suggestions pop up as you type a query into a search bar. It improves the browsing experience by letting people find exact results by putting just a few letters into the search bar.

    E-commerce stores use the predictive search by using dropdown recommendations of suggested products that fill up as the user types their question into the search bar. These suggestions come from a store’s product database.

    What type of search queries can predictive search help with?

    This feature can also be used for content marketing, along with product suggestions. It supports suggestions for products, collections, queries, pages, and even a blog post or article.

    How can predictive search help your Shopify business?

    The predictive search can help e-commerce stores in the following ways:

    • Reduce bounce rates on your site by giving your users exactly what they need
    • Increase AOV by upselling and cross-selling
    • Better user experience by giving faster results to the search queries
    • Saves buyers time by quickly giving them what they are looking for