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Search & Product Discovery

Rethink your site search from the ground up.
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+96% search conversion rate

Pet Supply Online Store

+320% increase in conversion rate

Mobile network operator

+230% search conversion rate

Online pharmacy

+40% autocomplete conversion rate

Electronics ecommerce


Instantly Increase Revenue

Add autocomplete to your current search solution and see up to twice as many conversions when compared to search results alone.

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“Autocomplete increases our yearly revenue by over €100,000 for a price that has already paid for itself several times over.”
Jakub Žilinčan
Chief Marketing Officer at Electronic star


Make the Product Discovery Experience a Pleasant and Profitable One

Don’t let your customers see “product not found” ever again. With Luigi’s Box’s search and product discovery, you’ll enjoy the benefits of custom search result design, query understanding that works with typos and synonyms, and much more.
„Surprisingly, while the average time spent on our website decreased by 17%, revenue went up by as much as 52%.“
Juraj Giacko
Head of Ecommerce at EXIsport

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Let the Data Speak the Truth

Site search can generate as much as 13.8% of an ecommerce business’s revenue, yet it often goes overlooked. It’s no surprise – to understand how important search is, you first need to gather data from it! See live demo

Measure for free,

pay only when you see value.
“Luigi’s Box was a real eye-opener for us. It showed us what we can gain if we care about our search.”
Soňa Fialková
CEO at

Built with ecommerce in mind,
then improved to help elsewhere as well

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