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Luigi’s Box is an analytical tool, giving you all relevant information about search & navigation on your site.

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Everything your Search & Navigation need. In one Box.

Actionable Search Analytics

Get insights into what your customers are looking for and where do they struggle to find it. Then use our FixIt technology to immediately solve major issues of your search engine.

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Navigation Analytics

Discover how visitors use navigation on your site. Is it a smooth experience or it feels more like being trapped in a maze? With Luigi’s Box you’ll know and can get better.

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Site Search as a Service

No time or means to fine-tune your search? Focus on your core business and rely on us to deliver the best search experience to your customers.

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Navigation as a Service

Imagine a new concept of dynamic, adaptive navigation, where your visitors will find everything with no hassle. It’s Navigation Squared.

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We are analyzing over 1.000.000 searches every day

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