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We boost the eCommerce experience:

Customers buy because they find what they want.


Master your search, an important source of your revenue.

Site search visitors can generate as much as 13.8% of overall revenue (Econsultancy)! Gain insight into your customers’ search struggles for improved product discovery and higher conversion.


Fix 90% of your issues in seconds. No devs required.

Our analytics brings search box highs and lows to light. Then, you employ autocomplete and our unique FixIT feature to quickly & effortlessly offer better search and fill white spots of existing search technology. Who knew magic tricks could be so easy?


Give your customers the ultimate shopping experience.

With a navigation system that respects your context as well as a complete search & filter tool that recommends the right products, customers will be satisfied. Our services support the journey towards eCommerce efficiency.

Integrated with leading ecommerce platforms
Well documented API included.

One box
to find them all

We offer all search, navigation & product discovery services: Seamless, simple, low – cost.

Our app fits every platform

We’ve got you covered for search optimization on any eCommerce platform or tech stack.

No dev skills?
Have no fear

We provide one-liner scripts to include on your site, taking care of the hard work for you.

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Thanks to the implementation of Autocomplete we increased turnover by +2 percentage points from day to day. Given our size it brings us more than 100,000 EUR a year without much hard work and for a price that was immediately returned multiple times.

Jakub Žilinčan CEO Chief Marketing Officer at Electronic star
Jakub Žilinčan
Chief Marketing Officer at Electronic star
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Developers to developers.

Most developers hate writing documentation but love reading a good one. Our developers wanted to provide a really good one for the others. Here it is.

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2 weeks free trial
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