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Luigi’s Box is an analytical tool, giving you all relevant information about search & navigation on your site.

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Order of results matters!

Over 70 % of visitors never seek beyond 5th item. If you have your best converting product below, you are losing sales. Always try to show what people are looking for on first positions.

Bad search experience
    Most relevant item should not be on 6th position.

    Good search experience

    Based on data from Luigi’s Box

      Optimal order of products

      No search results = No money!

      In general, 60 % of customers leave the site after they get no results. They leave the site. Your site… while your products are just one search away. Be sure to show them.

      Bad search experience
      Visitor left your site, because of bad search.

      Good search experience

      Based on data from Luigi’s Box

        Search works even with short queries.

        Trends are everywhere

        Be prepared to your customers’ needs. Having a trending item sold out is a nightmare of every e–commerce owner. Discover the hype at its beginning and fill–up your stock.