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Electronics Giant Raised Search Conversion Rate by +600%

Growth in search conversion rate

Nay is Slovakia’s leading electronics store and one of our first major clients. In the Czech Republic, they operate under the brand Electro World. Gejza Nagy, approached Nay’s Chief Omnichannel Officer, Martin Derňar, in 2017 to try out Luigi’s Box and they never looked back.

In a nutshell

sellers: efficient in-store product search
customers: quicker in-store service
e-shop visitors: fast site search
client: sextrupled search conversion rate

“We’ve used Luigi’s Box since 2017. In addition to our search conversion rate increase by 600%, the service also enhanced our in-store customers service.”

Martin Derňar Chief Omnichannel Officer at Nay

Benefiting offline sales

In-store sellers, a very important part of Nay’s omnichannel concept, are the people who use Nay’s very own e-shop several times a day to check whether demanded products are in stock.

Nay’s original search engine often labelled products unavailable, even when the sellers were pretty sure they had them.

With Luigi’s Box, Nay was able to streamline this process and helped the customers get the required information quicker.

Benefiting online sales

Online store visitors had at their disposal a search that offered instant autocomplete suggestions and understood the broader context of their queries.

They noticed the website’s enhanced search performance and Nay’s site search usage, that usually accounts for a fifth of all website traffic in the Electronics segment, boomed to one third of their total site visitors.

However, the most remarkable achievement of this cooperation was the increase of the search conversion rate. Comparing the numbers from 2017 and 2021, we found out that the search conversion rate raised by a stunning 600%!

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