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Higher Customer Satisfaction Both in Online and Offline Spheres

Autocomplete and Search Analytics helped EXIsport increase its search conversion rate.

Higher Customer Satisfaction Both in Online and Offline Spheres

EXIsport is a Slovak sport and fashion retail company operating in Slovakia with an online branch in the Czech Republic. Since its establishment in 2003, it’s been ranked #1 Slovak sports store. The company has a 23 million EUR turnover and a 52% year-on-year growth in e-commerce. In February 2019, it’ll enter the Romanian market.

Luigi’s Box improves customer experience

The most significant contribution of Luigi’s Box to EXIsport is an improvement in customer experience. The quicker they find what they search for, and the more relevant the search query is, the higher the chance they complete the purchase.

Juraj Giacko
Head of E-Commerce, EXIsport

How an Offline Store Understood the Power of E-Commerce

Why invest into online commerce when offline commerce generates most sales? That’s what EXIsport management asked back in 2010. With many well-functioning stores focusing on the online segment didn’t seem necessary, but surprisingly it was. The trend of online shopping was coming and to stay in the game the company decided to pay more attention to its online presence.

In the beginning, being a well-known brand and having a wide offer secured EXIsport a leading position in the market. With the arrival of international competitors like Sportisimo, Sports Direct and Decathlon in 2015, the situation, however, changed. It was crucial to invest more into technology and online marketing.

Launching Cooperation with Luigi’s Box

In 2017, the company hired Juraj, an experienced marketing consultant whose prime focus was enhancing the performance of PPC and social media campaigns and improving user experience. After an initial user experience testing it became clear that the website search had serious shortcomings and the company quickly needed to improve it. At this point, Juraj got in touch with Luigi’s Box.

EXIsport implemented Search Analytics and in a short time gained access to fascinating results. It emerged that 30% of transactions happen through web search and that the conversion rate of people who use search is 2.6 times higher than of those who don’t.

Moreover, the company found out that the average value of an order of a person using search is 9% higher than that of a person who doesn’t use search. Based on this data, EXIsport decided to improve its web search by putting Autocomplete search in place.

Searching red jacket in EXIsport store.
Using search to filter colors? No problem.

Getting Immediate Results

The combination of Autocomplete and Search Analytics helped the company increase the conversion rate from search by 32%, which contributed to boosting the year-on-year online revenues by 52%.

Surprisingly, while the average time spent on the website decreased by 17%, the revenues went up by as much as 52%. While some analysts could interpret it as a bad sign, Juraj says those customers who are coming to the site with their mind set on a specific product or product category can now find products more quickly and don’t have to spend more time on the site than necessary.

Interestingly, it is not only customers who benefit from a better search experience but also shopping assistants in retail stores who can assist buyers more efficiently.

What’ll Be Next

Using Autocomplete and Search Analytics led to higher customer satisfaction both in the online and offline sphere. EXIsport, however, doesn’t want to stop there.

EXIsport intends to leverage additional AI-powered tools from Luigi’s Box to boost its e-commerce business.

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