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Recommendation Analytics

Earn crucial data about the Recommender functionality via your analytic dashboard.

What is Recommendation analytics?

Recommendation analytics is a Luigi’s Box feature that gathers all data and information from the use of the Recommender feature. The Recommender is an integral part of Luigi’s Box and a helpful tool for increasing your chances of making more sales, increasing the average cart value, and helping online customers find desirable products.

It can be also used to promote slow selling products and much more. All data from every activity related to the Recommender will be neatly organized in your dashboard for your convenience.

How can you use Recommendation analytics?

Recommendation analytics is an important tool for improving, enhancing, and tweaking your Luigi’s Box Recommender feature. You can track clicks on recommendations, see conversion and impression data, keep track of recommendations with no results, learn about top-performing recommended products, or find out the average cart value when people get hooked on more recommendations.

With all of this important data available to you at all times, you can continuously improve the Recommender experience and learn how to sell products online more effectively.

What are the benefits of Recommendation analytics?

  • Learn important Recommender data
  • Recommender analytics available at all times
  • Improve your business with the right information