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Cosmetics search software

Transforming Cosmetics & Body Care E-Shops for Success

What can Luigi's Box offer to e-shops with cosmetics and body care? These e-shops have one of the highest search usage in e-commerce; therefore, if you own one, you should always think about the best possible search functionality to help your customers find the products they need and discover new ones. And that is Luigi's Box.

Luigi's Box Search

Search is the most important part of the customer’s product journey, especially in segments where customers use search to get to their desired products. We know that, and therefore, we have enhanced our search with several advanced features.

Luigi’s Box Search is powered by AI to provide relevant search results and rank products effectively. Features like typo tolerance and typo correction recognize typos in customers’ search queries and correct them or find the perfect match in the product database despite the misspelling. Smart autocomplete shows product results from the first keystroke and, in addition to showing relevant products, also suggests products customers might like.

For a more accurate search, use synonyms and related terms that help the search engine match customer search queries to your product. For example, if a customer is searching formoisturizer,” the search engine should also return results forhydrating lotion” or “facial cream.” Don’t let them leave because your system cannot match their query with their desired product.

Despite AI’s ability to sort products, you still have the option to influence which products will be shown first. For example, promote specific products of your choice in banners right in search or assign them to the desired position in search results and increase their chance of a sale.

How else can you use Luigi's Box?

Luigi's Box knows how to improve the customer shopping experience and achieve your business goals sooner than you can imagine.

Luigi's Box Recommender

Luigi’s Box Recommender uses gathered customer data from previous visits, searches, and purchases to recommend relevant product suggestions to each customer. Recommender uses personalization elements, so customers will always feel your store is made for them.

But that’s not all. Cross-sell and upsell specific products or bundles, show customers’ last-seen products or your best-sellers and increase sales.

Luigi's Box Product Listing

Product ranking is crucial. Improve the ranking of your products with Luigi’s Box Product Listing, which automatically ranks them based on several attributes, such as popularity, price, relevancy, and seasonality, while still considering your business rules and more.

With the facets customization feature, you still have complete control over your product listing pages. Adjust or remove any filter category according to your preferences and needs.

Luigi's Box Analytics

Want to sell more? Get to know your customers with Luigi’s Box Analytics. Watch the performance of your online store via a clear analytics dashboard and see which products your customers click on the most and, conversely, which would need help.

Learn how many of your searches went with no results and where you lost, fix these issues, and use data from better-performing products to improve others.

Start today. Choose self-service pricing plan and enjoy our Search and Analytics for free in a 30-day free trial.

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Benefits of using Luigi's Box features

Personalized Product Recommendations Massively Raise Turnover

Luigi's Box Recommender offers a range of benefits that will conveniently increase the turnover of your e-shop.

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Dr.Max Increased the Conversion Rate of Specific Product Category by 230% Over a Month

Dr.Max is one of the online pharmacy market leaders with more than 12,000 different products.

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Smart Remedy for the Pharma Giant’s Turnover

A member of the biggest pharmacy network in the EU increased its search conversion rate by 9.49%​ with Luigi's Box.

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Frequently asked questions

How can you improve the accuracy and relevance of search results for your e-shop's products?

The accuracy and relevance of search results are crucial because if your customers can’t find what they are looking for, they leave and purchase elsewhere. So you not only lose profit but potential repeat customers too.

To improve the accuracy of search results, you should use clear and detailed product descriptions, set up and use specific keywords and synonyms, regularly monitor data collected in analytics and continuously test your search function.

How can you leverage AI and ML to improve search?

These technologies play a significant role in the world of e-commerce. Without them, your search system would not know how to rank products properly and personalize and improve recommendations.

Using AI, you can boost your conversion rates, improve user experience and earn loyal customers that will be happy to return to your e-shop and buy again.

How can you use Luigi's Box Autocomplete and Recommender to improve the search experience and sales?

Our tools use gathered customer data from previous interactions and thus can predict their intent. For example, Luigi’s Box autocomplete shows product results suggestions from the first keystroke and considers their preferences when displaying them. The same goes for displaying product recommendations anywhere on your site.

By displaying relevant product recommendations, you can enhance their search experience and even help them discover new, additional products that might interest them with a higher chance that they will put them in the cart and purchase.