Dr.Max Increased Conversion Rate of Selected Product Segment by 230%

    Dr.Max is one of the online pharmacy market leaders with more than 12,000 different products.

    Dr.Max Increased Conversion Rate of Selected Product Segment by 230%
    Using faceted search helped Dr.Max to decrease no results searches by 9%.
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    Dr.Max is one of the online pharmacy market leaders. It offers more than 12,000 different products, including products for mothers with children, dermocosmetics, medical devices, veterinary preparations, just to name a few.

    Customer comfort and online shop design are constantly being improved by Dr.Max’s team of specialists and thanks to cooperation with Media and Digital Services agency, Luigi’s Box has helped improve the search function on their website.

    Luigi’s Box helped us identify weak points in our on-site search and has been providing additional data not available in Google Analytics. Thanks to the well organized and intuitive dashboard, we can easily analyze changes and effectively react to them.

    Andrej Uhrík & Juraj Rariga
    E‑Commerce Specialists

    The tool was deployed to the www.drmax.sk website in April 2017. As early as in its first month of tracking, a number of smaller imperfections and more considerable deficiencies directly related to search have been discovered. For example, a typical issue of search was (not) handling typos, not finding products that are available solely at brick-and-mortar stores. This led to customers’ false assumptions that these products are
    not available at this seller at all.


    Increased conversion rate by improving autocompleted search


    More than 19% of visitors used the autocomplete search feature when using the search box on the website, which is why "fine-tuning" was one of the priorities. Thanks to insights from Luigi's Box, an average conversion rate was increased by 10%.

    Less searches ending with no results


    The very common and the most critical search problem is when search the engine fails to respond correctly to misspellings in product names, incorrect (or missing) accented letters, or when using synonyms outside of its dictionary. Findings from Luigi's Box tool reduced the number of searches leading to no results by 9% in the first month.

    Improved conversion rate in selected product segment


    Changes based on insights from Luigi’s Box led to a conversion rate increase of 230% in the selected product group, just over a month. The changes were related to extending an offer of alternatives to existing products, adding additional keywords to products, and more.

    Significant improvement was also done in search and active campaigns in the Mother & Child segment. After searching for a product that was not available in the online store, visitors were redirected to a website where they could check product availability in specific local stores.

    Using Luigi’s Box Analytics, you can also track trends in searches and purchases influenced by the season, weather, or current diseases in the population.

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