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Platforms App Developer (cloud integration)

Luigi’s Box provides analytics, search and recommender to more than 1,500 e-shops running on a variety of systems. Many of them are tailor-made, but most run on one of the existing e-commerce platforms, whether on-premise or in the cloud. 

What will you be in charge of

Through this ad we are looking for a colleague to help us with exactly those cloud platforms.

These cloud platforms typically provide APIs to access e-commerce data and to extend the functionality of a given platform. Often, they include the so-called marketplace applications, add-ons and extensions that are available for that platform.

If this catches your attention and you will catch ours, then you will be involved in the development of those applications or add-ons. Besides creating new apps or add-ons, you’ll also help us to expand the existing ones.

Required knowledge 

  • The ideal fit is if you are programming in Ruby and have experience with systems around ecommerce SaaS services such as CommerceTools or BigCommerce.

However, we’re adults and we know that there are only a few unicorns (Rubycorns 🦄) in the world. 

Therefore, to be real, we expect you to be familiar with one of the object-oriented languages (Python, Java…) and we’ll show you the beauty of Ruby. 

  • You should be experienced with web applications, understand how HTTP works and what MVC is. Ideally if you’ve worked on “something bigger” and therefore know what it takes to put something into the production and make it work. And of course, you are not afraid to read documentation.
  • You will be working within a team, however we expect you to be senior enough to really own your tasks and be able to push and move things forward independently, or assign them to others. You’ll get code reviews, but also give reviews to others. You’ll write automated tests, give proper commit messages and listen to rubocop. 

What can you expect from us

  • Working with people who used Ruby when it wasn’t cool
  • Mentoring and willingness to help
  • Tests and test-writing culture. You will find thousands of tests that run after each CI commit
  • We deploy multiple times a day, as needed
  • An interesting scale. We measure request counts in thousands of requests per second
  • Flexible working hours, but we expect a significant overlap with 9-17. We are not looking for a night owl that works from 9 pm to 6 am, but if you need to go to a shop or pick up your children from school during the day, it is no problem.

About Luigi’s Box

Luigi’s Box is a Slovak SaaS company providing intuitive search, analytics and product recommender primarily in the e-commerce sector. With our service we increase sales for about 1000 companies including O2, Tatra banka, Dedoles, Nay, Muziker, Astratex and many other well-known companies.

You can see the app live at https://demo.luigisbox.com/. It is a demo, so you can see maybe 50% of what’s in it after logging in. Each of our 1,500+ clients comes into contact with this application, regardless of which part of Luigi’s Box services they use. It includes search and recommender analytics, search setup, synonym management, merchandising, billing, and feed management. And then, there is an internal administration part, a separate universe, which clients don’t see

How to apply

If you would like to find out more about how you can work with us, contact us at career@luigisbox.com.