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Real Dutch Food: 48% Decrease in “No Search Results”

Real Dutch Food lowered the “no search results” by 48%, so the customers won’t be hungry for relevant results anymore.

Real Dutch Food: 48% Decrease in “No Search Results”

The story of Real Dutch Food begins in the Netherlands, but their business is not limited only to this area. They have been delivering their selection of products worldwide for 17 years, thanks to their e-shop in Dutch and English versions of the website. Real Dutch Food utilizes a professional packaging company that helps them bring a great shopping experience when it comes to delivery.

The company knew that with great online shopping options and a large number of Dutch products, they would require a search & discovery solution that would help them maintain and improve the customer journey.

After two unsuccessful spells with two different vendors, Real Dutch Food opted to improve it with Luigi’s Box’s hands-on approach and technical know-how.

Satisfying the hunger for better search result relevancy and customer data

Real Dutch Food turned to us to help them solve a couple of problems they experienced while running their e-shop.

Issue #1 – Their native search didn’t provide relevant results

Problem: With the immense selection of products available for shipping, it was more important than ever to provide a search that brings relevant results for the customer base of Real Dutch Foods.

Solution: Thanks to Luigi’s Box machine learning algorithms and personalization features, each customer is now able to get just the right search results without running into “no results” pages or finding irrelevant products.

Issue #2 – Lack of a user-friendly UX

Problem: This issue with underperforming search can grow into larger problems that affect the entire user experience. Whether slowness, filters that aren’t easy to use or don’t provide relevant options, or simply the search visuals in general, the experience simply wasn’t great.

Solution: Luigi’s Box is able to address these issues since our solution is crafted to fit any type of website perfectly and improve the user experience.

Issue #3 – Missing data about visitor behavior

Problem: Real Dutch Food experienced trouble with a lack of options for following and tracking the search behavior of its visitors.

Solution: That’s why Luigi’s Box Analytics came in handy, as the company can use them to track all necessary customer and visitor behavior. Real Dutch Food can learn about impressions, clicks, conversions, and more from customer data.

Feeding the foodies with hard data

Search’s results

Once we integrated our Search and Recommender on the Real Dutch Food e-shop, the impact was almost instant. We launched the first A/B test on the English website two weeks after implementing Luigi’s Box. The A/B test brought tremendous results, with a 43% uplift in search usage, a 48% decrease in “no search results”, a 21,5% uplift in conversions from search usage, and a 172% uplift in the overall cart value.

Recommender’s results

The Recommender took care of providing customers with relevant product recommendations, cross-selling, upselling, and more, which resulted in great results as well.

English website:

  • 35.2% conversion rate with recommendations in product categories
  • 50% conversion rate with recommendations in the shopping carts
  • 16.5% conversion rate with recommendations on item detail pages

Dutch version:

  • 29.1% conversion rate in product categories
  • 40% with recommendations in the shopping carts
  • 11,3% in item detail pages

Instant impact, exceptional promise

"Luigi's Box delivered impressive results immediately, even without optimizations. Now we're excited to explore its features more deeply. It's a top-notch tool that we highly recommend."

Aschwin van Fessem
Aschwin van Fessem
Owner, Real Dutch Food



uplift in using search


decrease in no search results


uplift in Conversion rate from using Search


uplift in Overall Cart value

Results after implementing Luigi’s Box Recommender

English website

  • Category (35,2% direct cvr)
  • Basket (50% direct cvr)
  • Item detail page (16,5% direct cvr)

Dutch version

  • Category (29,1% direct cvr)
  • Basket (40% direct cvr)
  • Item detail page (11,3% direct cvr)

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Real Dutch Food: 48% Decrease in “No Search Results”

Real Dutch Food lowered the “no search results” by 48%, so the customers won’t be hungry for relevant results anymore.

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