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Diego experienced an increase in conversions by 28%

Diego is a well-known flooring seller in the CEE region that decided to incorporate Luigi’s Box into its online business with great results.

Diego experienced an increase in conversions by 28%

Diego is a Hungarian business focusing on laminate and waterproof flooring, carpets, cleaning products, outdoor artificial turf, and more. Their presence in the market of the CEE region currently covers three countries – Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia.

Diego has 150 brick-and-mortar stores in these countries, and they also put a major focus on online selling. The company is well known for its friendly, customer-centric approach towards selling, which is why the next logical step was to bring this approach to its e-commerce as well.


search usage with Luigi’s Box


increase in number of conversions


monthly visitors on the Hungarian website

Choosing a smarter e-commerce search for Diego’s websites

When Diego started looking for a search and discovery solution that would be ideal for their website, they had a couple of goals in mind.

Challenge #1

First of all, they wanted to implement a solution that would be smarter than their previous one. Diego has to deal with inputting possible search queries manually, and they couldn’t rely on artificial intelligence to handle their problems. Diego looked for a solution that could deal with typos, misspellings, and various grammatical forms.

Luigi’s Box proved itself to be the ideal solution for this case with its autocorrect and typo tolerance features. Since Diego sells products mainly in Hungary, it was very important for their search to be able to handle natural language processing in the Hungarian language.

Hungarian uses various affixes to change the meanings of words and their grammatical function, and that can be difficult to process for most search engines. Luigi’s Box’s advanced language processing features are able to handle the Hungarian language without trouble. This is possible thanks to our dedicated linguist, who helps us tweak and adjust our Search for the Hungarian language to provide the best possible search experience for all Hungarian speakers. The same thing applies to the remaining two languages – Romanian and Slovak.

Challenge #2

They also wanted a solution that could be highly personalized for their use case to bring users tailor-made results based on their preferences and tastes. The main strength of Luigi’s Box, in this case, is that our solution can be personalized both short-term and long-term and provide individual search results for each customer.

Our features allow us to gather important data from previous customer searches, learn what each individual customer’s preferences are, and rank products in search accordingly for the best results. Each customer gets their own personalized search experience thanks to our AI, so no two customers will get irrelevant search results. This serves Diego to increase the chances of converting a website visitor into a customer thanks to faster and more accurate search.

Luigi’s Box is willing to go the extra mile

Luigi’s Box brought 28% increase in search conversion in just 2 weeks. The implementation was smooth, the language processing and search engine is superior, and the admin platform with built-in analytics is easy to use and very actionable.

Péter Molnár
Head of eCommerce

Positive results were visible as soon as in just two weeks

Diego decided to implement Luigi’s Box Search on their website with the aim of providing a personalized search and discovery experience for their customers. The launch of Luigi’s Box Search on the Diego website was on the 24th of August, 2023, and the results after two weeks of use looked very promising for the future of the Diego e-commerce.

First of all, the Diego website experienced a growth in the usage of onsite search. The value of users who decided to search to find products grew by 5.4%, meaning that more people were drawn to and encouraged to search for products thanks to a more efficient way to find them.

Next, the business experienced a major increase in conversions. More intelligent search brought better results to customers who used it to find products they wanted. Thanks to features such as search personalization and language processing features, they were able to find products much quicker than before. The results showed a growth of 28% in conversions, while the total conversion rate increased by 22%.


  • Positive results of Luigi’s Box visible just after two weeks
  • 5.4% increase in search usage
  • 28% increase in conversions
  • 22% increase in total conversion rate

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Diego experienced an increase in conversions by 28%

Diego is a well-known flooring seller in the CEE region that decided to incorporate Luigi’s Box into its online business with great results.

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