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A smart remedy for the pharma giant’s turnover

How Luigi’s Box has helped a member of the biggest pharmacy network in the EU to increase their search conversion rate by 9.49%​1 with their unique intuitive site search solution.…

How Luigi’s Box has helped a member of the biggest pharmacy network in the EU to increase their search conversion rate by 9.49%​1 with their unique intuitive site search solution.

Luigi’s Box was founded in 2017, as a response to the very insufficient level of site search experience for many online stores. The unique technological solution uses machine learning and AI to optimize the order of search results and to recognize synonyms.

The biggest challenges

#1 Customers were unable to find specific products without typing the exact product name

Solution: With the intuitive site search, customers could find the most relevant products, regardless of whether they entered the product name with a typo, or used an alternative name, or a slang term.

#2 The search would not start until customers have not entered at least 3 letters of the product name

Solution: With the help of the Luigi’s Box autocomplete (whisperer), the search results were suggested immediately after typing the first letter of the product name. This allowed for an interaction between the user and the BENU online store from the very first moment, and so increased the chance of the customer remaining engaged with the ecommerce experience.

#3 During the Covid19 crisis, customers were not able to find the most acute medical products

Solution: Luigi’s Box is constantly learning and is therefore able to capture changes in overall users behaviour such as crisis situations, and is able to provide the most up-to-date product results or information.

Results and data points

The numbers speak for themselves.

A/B test from 27 June to 26 July 2020
Traffic distribution: A: 55.71%, B: 44.29%

Conversion rate

Result: Luigi’s Box increased
the search conversion rate by 9.49%

Luigi’s Box site search demonstration

Before and after (drag the mouse)
Original solution vs. Luigi’s Box

Integration of our intuitive site search

A product pilot runs without the assistance of the client’s IT department

Luigi’s Box team launched a pilot version of the autocomplete on without the need for neither BENU’s IT department’s assistance, nor the client’s IT suppliers support. BENU pharmacies provided an XML feed, and using the Google Tag Manager platform the actual insertion of the Luigi’s Box script took only a few minutes. This saved time and allowed the Luigi’s Box team to efficiently and smoothly run the pilot.

Luigi’s Box support team does take the ownership of the onboarding process

The deployment of the Luigi’s Box search and autocomplete was carried out by an active collaboration between PeckaDesign (the supplier of the e-shop platform) and the Luigi’s Box team. Developers from PeckaDesign used an API link to synchronize the product information in real time.

Continuous customer support

During the A/B testing, as well as after the integration of Luigi’s Box search and autocomplete, the Luigi’s Box team remains in active communication with BENU product managers, helping to address emerging issues and enquiries and providing support to PeckaDesign, the supplier of the e-shop platform.

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1, ​About BENU pharmacy network

BENU ( is part of the pharmaceutical group Phoenix Group.
Phoenix Group – is the largest pharmacy operator in Europe.

The company’s turnover: 5,931 mld. CZK (225,93 million EUR) in 2019 (Reference:

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