NEW: E-commerce search benchmarks and insights. Click here for updated 2024 data. 41 % Revenue Increase is an e-shop for garden tools with over 20 years of history, offering customers the most trendy equipment. 41 % Revenue Increase

+20 %

Conversion rate

+41 %

Revenues from search

+3 %

Total revenue increase

What was the goal? asked Persoo to help with boosting revenues and conversion rate.

How did we succeeded?

First of all, we analyzed the efficiency of the e-shop, mainly why there is such a low search conversion rate. We found out the key reason was that customers used to search for products not in Czech but in Latin. Therefore, they could not get search results. The other problem was that, for example, if a customer wanted to search for “flowers,” the results were not exactly related to flowers but to all products containing the word “flower,” e.g., “flowerpot.” Lastly, a typical occuring problem– typos. Implementing Persoo search solved these problems, and the conversion rate increased rapidly.


In order to increase the search turnover, it was necessary to solve the matching of queries written in Latin with Czech flower names. We crawled both product names and put them into our algorithm engine, which can also solve typos and other issues search engines typically have. For a better customer experience, we implemented filters such as colors, price range, product types, etc.

Personalized Search and Autocomplete


We replaced the original search solution with our advanced personalized tool.

How our clients benefit from Luigi's Box

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