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How Persoo Recommendation Helped Nejceny Increase Revenue by 14% is a huge e-shop selling electronics, computers, white technology, garden equipment, and many, many more.

How Persoo Recommendation Helped Nejceny Increase Revenue by 14%

+14 %


+8.2 %


+6 %

Number of transactions

What was the problem?

Our mission was quite straightforward: increase revenue and customer experience. We used several products from our portfolio because the final results are better when more personalized products are used.

What was the result?

  • 73% repetitive visits
  • 14% revenue increase
  • 21% increase of transactions
  • 2,4% increase in conversion rate
Super successful was also an increase in assisted conversions, where we influenced half of this chunk, and the average order value increased significantly.

Homepage solution

Persoo OFF:

Bestsellers set manually by e-commerce maintainers were displayed on the home page. That’s fine, but what about visitors for whom this offer is irrelevant?

Persoo ON:

Right after discovering what the customer is interested in, we switched the bestsellers box on the home page with a personalized recommendation. CTR increased by more than 13%.

Product detail page

Persoo OFF:

Manually filled-in recommendations were set to be displayed on the product details pages by e-commerce maintainers.

Persoo ON:

We placed three product feeds below the product details. One for the “others are also browsing,” which contains alternative products, and the other for the “you might be interested” with other types of products that are often purchased with the currently viewed product + last viewed section

  • CTR of “others are also browsing” is 15.5%
  • CTR of “you might be interested” is 5,2%
  • CRT of „last viewed“ is 10,7%


Persoo OFF:

No recommendation was displayed during the pre-checkout.

Persoo ON:

We placed a feed of upsell products related to what the customer added to the shopping cart at the pre-checkout. The relation between these products was set according to complementary and associated products. CTR of recommendations increased to 3.5%.

Product categories

Persoo OFF:

There were manually set recommendations with no personalization.

Persoo ON:

We sorted filters according to personal preferences and put them in the first line of product feed. CTR increased to 24,8%.

Article categories

Persoo ON:

We put the recommendation box under the header of the page. CTR increased to 24,8%.

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