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Case Studies

Success stories about improving services after cooperation with Luigi's Box products.

Real Dutch Food: 48% Decrease in “No Search Results”

Real Dutch Food lowered the “no search results” by 48%, so the customers won’t be hungry for relevant results anymore.

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How Muziker and Luigi’s Box Improved Product Recommendations

Ready for some inspiration? Take a look at our case study, and learn how Muziker and Luigi's Box have revolutionized online product recommendations together.

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EXIsport: +50% increase in Recommender CTR

Tests clearly showed that Luigi's Box Recommender outperformed the original recommenders. Read how we did it in our case study.

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Personalized Product Recommendations Massively Raise Turnover

Luigi's Box Recommender offers a range of benefits that will conveniently increase the turnover of your e-shop.

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Snapbacks: 27.3 % Revenue Increase is a Czech e-shop that sells exclusive clothing.

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Hanibal: By Personalizing Pre Basket We Increased Revenues by 16% is a Czech e-shop selling outdoor clothing, tourist equipment, and accessories.

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How Persoo Recommendation Helped Nejceny Increase Revenue by 14% is a huge e-shop selling electronics, computers, white technology, garden equipment, and many, many more.

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Snowbitch: Increase in visits from returning users by 27 %

Snowbitch is an e-shop offering young, street, skate fashion. Its goal was clear - to increase sales!

Read Case Study Total Turnover Got an Increase of 35 % is a huge e-commerce platform selling books in Czech Republic.

Read Case Study Incredible 34 % Increase In Revenue sell local and international trips and vacations. The target was to improve revenue as much as possible.

Read Case Study How Cross Sell in the Checkout Brings Better Turnover is a strong player in the Czech e‑commerce electronics market, especially in the geek community.

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How Autofill and Search Filters Helped Increase Uni Hobby’s Revenue by 8%

UNI HOBBY is one of the biggest hobby markets in Czech Republic.

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