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Snowbitch: Increase in visits from returning users by 27 %

Snowbitch is an e-shop offering young, street, skate fashion. Its goal was clear - to increase sales!

Snowbitch: Increase in visits from returning users by 27 %

+24 %

Revenue boost

+27 %

Returning users

+7.8 %

Conversion rate

Where was the problem?

The original recommendation system on the e‑commerce platform was very basic. Persoo added extra connections between products: what product is selling with which item, recommendations based on personal preferences (color, brands, type of clothes) but also both long‑term and short‑term trends.

How did it end up?

Customers' behavior has changed - they now spend more time on the website, browsing more pages, but more importantly, they return more often now. We’ve monitored an increase in visits from returning users by 27 %. Turnover increased by 24 %. We achieved it by improving the conversion rate by 7.8 %, increasing the number of visits per visitor, and increasing the average order by 1.7 %. Assisted conversions, in which Persoo affects half of all sales, were very successful as well, and the average order value for these assisted conversions increased.

Homepage solution

Persoo OFF

News on the homepage was set manually. Customers were often confused by the huge amount of different brands.

Persoo ON

We added personal recommendations based on previous behavior, i.e., what the customer browsed, what types of clothes, colors, and brands. CTR increased five times to 16.5 %.

Product categories

Persoo OFF

There were no recommendations in categories. Customers had to search, filter, or browse through multiple pages.

Persoo ON

We sorted filters according to personal preferences and put them in the first line of product feed. We took into account the preferred color, brand, and what similar visitors are browsing, what the customer had not seen before, labeled products, and special offers. Best‑selling and most‑browsed products are being slightly preferred. Most men don’t see any difference between multiple swimwear, but trust us – picking the right color is not an easy task! CTR increased to 9.8 %.

Product detail

Persoo OFF

There were no recommendations on product detail pages, so customers did not get the idea of buying a second, color-matching upper part for the swimwear.

Persoo ON

We placed two feeds below product details: one with recently viewed products and the other with recommended products (according to customer preferences) from the same category. The CTR of recommendations increased to 47.1 %, and that of the recently browsed products was 10.2 %.


Persoo OFF

There were no recommendations in the pre‑checkout.

Persoo ON

We added a feed of products related to what the customer put into the shopping cart to the checkout. The relation between these products was set according to what other customers bought together with the main product. CTR in pre‑checkout increased to 5.2 %.

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