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Merchandise in the search bar and boost sales of chosen products with your custom rules.

What is Merchandising?

Merchandising in product listing is a Luigi’s Box feature that allows you to boost certain product listings. Luigi’s Box users can simply select a particular product they want to boost, apply the change, and the product will show up in the search bar as soon as online shoppers enter the right search query.

The Merchandising feature works with any search query that is related to the product, so even one word from the entire product name is enough to make the product show up.

You can also create rules to automatically boost certain products based on selected criteria (brand, a particular product feature, availability, and more). For example, if you set a rule for a brand and enter a brand’s name, a product of that specific brand will be shown in the search bar whenever customers search with a related query.

How can you use Merchandising?

Merchandising can be one of the best tools to use for the general improvement of sales and getting more earnings. With plenty of use cases available, customers can often easily find the best deals thanks to this feature. Each product that has Merchandising enabled will be easily found in the search bar every time the customers enter a related search query. This makes their search times significantly shorter.

This feature is great for giving products some extra spotlight whenever you need to sell them faster and help customers find them easier. Merchandising has many use cases. You can try boosting new exclusive products to help you gather sales from early adopters, or boost older products that might need extra attention. Merchandising can also be used to promote special deals.

What are the benefits of Merchandising?

  • Easy and effective to use
  • Easier product discovery for customers
  • Ideal for boosting sales and special deals