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Typo Tolerance

Improve search experience with feature that picks out correct words for typos and thus brings relevant results.

What is the Typo tolerance feature?

Typo tolerance is an important Luigi’s Box feature that allows online visitors to search for intended product keywords despite any typos that might’ve happened. Without typo tolerance, the search results would come up with inaccurate results or show no results at all.

This feature makes sure that typos will be noticed, acknowledged, and corrected, to ensure that the customer experience with the search will remain pleasant.

How can you use the Typo tolerance feature?

Typo tolerance is active at all times. It processes all words with typos and compares them with words without typos that are the closest to it. When the system picks out the right word the search continues with it, ensuring correct results.

This feature can remove a great amount of frustration from failed searches, improve satisfaction, and help provide search results without manual typo corrections.

What are the benefits of the Typo tolerance feature?

  • Ensures correct search results
  • Decreases customer frustration
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Faster search without retyping