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February 25, 2021

Explained: Boosted Items vs Boosted Terms

Product Boosting helps to drive the sales of specific products chosen by the client. With Luigi’s Box, you can boost items or setup boosting based on terms. However, the difference between them is not always perfectly clear. Let’s explore what these features offer and how they differ.

What is the difference?

Boosted ItemsBoosted Terms
Boosted Items allow you to prioritize specific products in the search results as well as categories or brands in their respective lists.Boosted Terms allow you to prioritize a group of products that contain a term of your choice.

When to use it?

Boosted itemsBoosted terms
You want to choose specific products that should appear first in the search resultsYou want to promote products with a special or unique quality (waterproof clothes for example)
You want to give a category a better position in the list of categoriesYou want to prioritize products of a certain category in the search results
You want to give a brand a better position in the list of brandsYou want to prioritize products of a certain brand in the search results (for example your private label with higher margin)

If you want to learn more about using Boosted Items or Boosted Terms or have any questions about them, our Support will be happy to help you.