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How good is your search?

Luigi's Blog | January 9, 2018

Have you ever wondered about performance of search & navigation of your site?

It probably makes sense to you, but does it make sense to your visitors? Is their search experience quick and smooth or do they often struggle to find relevant search results?

Search is a crucial feature of any e-commerce site. Visitors using search make 70% more conversions. Until now, it was not easy to find out answers to questions above. Many e-shop owners prefer to give their focus anywhere but on search.

Now Luigi’s Box is changing the game.

Luigi’s Box is an analytical tool, giving you all relevant information about search & navigation on your site. It provides you with useful insights about interactions of your visitors, tells you what are your hot searches, where you are struggling to deliver relevant results and where your search is bouncing people off your site.

Just to give you a hint about how beautiful it is, here are two screens from our app: the main visual dashboard full of valuable search insights and a detail of a selected query.



So, how good is YOUR search? Find out more on www.luigisbox.com.

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