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Mountfield increased their autocomplete conversion rate by 67%

Luigi's Box helped the largest seller of gardening supplies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia to increase their autocomplete conversions by 67%.
Mountfield increased their autocomplete conversion rate by 67%

Czechia and Slovakia's largest seller of gardening supplies

Mountfield started 30 years ago with a single store in Mnichovice, Czech Republic. Today, it is the largest seller of gardening supplies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, with 77 brick-and-mortar stores.

As the company was growing, the importance of online sales increased. Mountfield, therefore, began looking for ways to support their growth. One of the options they identified was to improve their site search.

Flaws of existing search

In Mountfield, they regularly monitored the effectiveness of their search in Google Analytics, so they knew its shortcomings. The two most important issues were:

  • The search could not handle typos
  • Autocomplete was not fast enough

To identify specific queries causing they were losing customers due to unoptimized search, they decided to implement Luigi’s Box Analytics.

Autocomplete implementation

Based on analytical data, Mountfield decided to implement our Autocomplete. To evaluate its efficiency, we compared the periods 2 months before and 2 months after implementing the tool (June and July 2019 v. August and September 2019).

"Luigi's Box Autocomplete increased our conversions by 33%, even when its use dropped by 30%."
David Linhart, Mountfield
David Linhart
Head of e-commerce, Mountfield

Despite a 30% drop in autocomplete product clicks, the total number of autocomplete conversions increased by 33%. The higher number of purchases with the lower number of product impressions indicates that Luigi’s Box autocomplete displayed significantly more relevant products to customers.

67.3 %

Autocomplete conversion rate increase

A 67.3% increase in autocomplete conversion rate also confirms Luigi’s Box’s positive impact on Mountfield sales. While with the original solution, the autocomplete conversion rate was 5.2%, after the integration of Luigi’s Box, it rose to 8.7%.


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