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Offer customers recommendations for products already added to their shopping cart.

What is the Cross-Sell feature?

Cross-selling refers to recommendations of popular or useful product combinations that are frequently bought together in one shopping trip.

For example, a product recommendation for a new smartphone might be a power bank, a phone charger, or a new phone case. The Cross-selling feature creates these recommendations based on purchases made by other customers and shows relevant product combinations for other customers.

How can you use the Cross-sell feature?

Cross-selling is an ideal feature for helping customers find the right product combinations, and saving them a second shopping trip. It’s also great for promoting products they will most likely buy with their first product choice, or recommending additional equipment they might not know about.

In either case, Cross-sell is excellent for increasing the average shopping cart value and improving your sales.

What are the benefits of the Cross-sell feature?

  • Recommend the right product combinations
  • Increase the average shopping cart value
  • Increase your sales