Shopware is an award-winning open commerce platform for the B2C and B2B segments for owners of bigger businesses and those on their way to becoming one. Now, Luigi’s Box and Shopware join forces to bring you even easier integration. Don’t forget to look at the Shopware website and read more to learn how the integration works and what it will get you.

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    What will Luigi's Box integration bring to you?

    Luigi’s Box integration brings advanced products such as intelligent AI-powered site search, customized product recommendations to each customer, personalized Product listing pages, and comprehensive analytics for Shopware clients.

    Thanks to Luigi’s Box Analytics, you can monitor the performance of every feature and be sure they work perfectly.

    No. 1 E‑commerce Search Software in Europe
    Best Analytics E‑commerce Germany Award
    Search Industry Award Winner

    What Luigi's Box Search can do?

    Luigi’s Box Search not only helps customers find what they are looking for but also personalize Shopware shop client’s content to customers’ intent and raise the chance of higher conversions.

    Thanks to its smart features, Luigi’s Box Search can work with typos, mispellings, and longer word structures so your customer always get his desired results. Autocomplete feature shows the customer the top products and categories from the first keystroke. And many more! Look at a few of our smart Search features:

    Discover More About Search

    Advanced filtering UI

    Filter search results through an intuitive UI according to various factors and customize categories.

    Full text score ranking

    See the score ranking of your full texts, not only snippets, to see how your pages perform in SERPs.

    Grammatical forms

    Use NLP modules for lemmatization to avoid unnecessary problems with grammatical forms.

    Query customization

    Promote chosen products by assigning them to the desired position in search results.

    Product Discovery Tools for Your Shopware

    What Luigi's Box Recommender can do?

    Luigi’s Box Recommender displays product recommendations personalized to each customer based on their previous interaction on your e‑shop. Recommender boxes can be put anywhere and always feel like a natural part of your e‑shop without slowing down its performance.

    Raise your average order value by displaying product suggestions in search or even in the shopping cart. Look at a few of our smart Recommender features that Luigi’s Box integration can bring to your e‑shop via Shopware:

    Discover More About Recommender


    Offer customers recommendations to products already added to their shopping cart.

    Recommender novelties boosting

    Make your new products more noticeable to customers and boost their sale.

    Visual recommendations

    Display product recommendations to customers using images while they're searching.

    Sold-out products

    Suggest recommendations for products that are not currently in stock so that your customers do not leave empty-handed.

    Improve the user experience for visitors and provide everyone with relevant, tailored product recommendations.

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    What Luigi's Box Product Listing can do?

    Does your e‑shop have a vast amount of products? With Luigi’s Box integration via Shopware, you can help your customers easily find what they are looking for thanks to the Luigi’s Box Product listing feature. They can quickly check a product’s characteristics in detail, compare it with others, view its reviews, and ultimately make a purchase.

    With personalized product listing pages, you can improve customers’ experience while browsing your website, facilitate them to find their desired products, and speed up the entire purchase process. Look at a few of our smart Product listing features:

    Discover More About Product Listing

    Dynamic filters

    Use dynamic filters in Product listing pages and make browsing easier through the number of products.

    Product ranking

    Choose products that appear in the Product listing and the order you prefer.

    Product banners

    Promote chosen products directly in the Product listing with customizable product banners.


    Promote specific product, brand, or category that works best for your business goals.

    Trusted by more than 2,000 online businesses

    What Luigi's Box Analytics can do?

    The integration via Shopware also gets you Luigi’s Box Analytics, which helps you learn about your search performance and users’ behavior through a clear visual dashboard.

    Learn about your most successful searches and, on the contrary, what needs to be fixed without wading through volumes of reports or numbers you need help understanding. Look at a few of our smart Analytics features:

    Lost opportunities

    Discover where and why you lost opportunities in sales and where you should focus more to avoid similar future losses.

    Search usage

    Learn how frequently your search is used and how continuously measuring can help you improve your e‑shop.

    Trending items

    Find out about the most popular items in your e‑shop and other items you can promote to boost your sales.

    Recommender clicks

    Gather data about customers' clicks on recommendations and learn about their effectiveness or, again, what to improve.

    Luigi’s Box offers a 14-days free analytics trial. Try it today and start learning about the performance of your search.

    The sooner you start, the sooner you can bring more relevant results and a personalized shopping experience to your customers.

    And you will see, they will repay you.


    Luigi's Box and Shopware offer even more convenient integration. Similar to integrating with Shopify or Shoptet, simply install add-on from Shopware. This add-on will basically fetch your API key with our system and then the products. Start enjoying the benefits of using Luigi's Box advanced products today.


    Luigi’s Box pricing is tailor-made based on customers’ needs and preferences. Request a quote for your online business.

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