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The Prestashop integration can help you apply Luigi’s Box search, analytics, recommendations and product listing to your e‑shop for a better customer experience.

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Luigi’s Box integration with Prestashop

Prestashop is a freemium open-source platform that offers over three hundred native features to help users manage every task in e‑shops, such as product management and listing, shipping, payments, and more.

Look at the Prestashop website to learn more about its flexible features and plugins. In whatever business sector you are trading, choose e‑commerce tools that will make your e‑shop unique on the market. Luigi’s Box and Prestashop join forces to bring you everything you need to achieve that.

What will Luigi’s Box integration on Prestashop bring you?

Every good e‑shop should have a great search to allow customers to find exactly what they’re looking for, and even more. Integration with Luigi’s Box brings the power of our effective search into your e‑shop.

Increase your conversion rates and earnings thanks to our smart features, and bring the best possible customer experience exactly where it belongs.

What Luigi's Box Search can do?

Take advantage of our advanced search that shows relevant product recommendations and promotions. Its advanced search box with Autocomplete feature that speeds up searching, precise analytics that help you increase your conversions, or great filtering features that always ensure accurate results.

Efficient smart search

Get ahead of your competition with the intelligent search that increase customer satisfaction and avoids user frustration

Geo search

Never miss a sale in different areas and show customers from various areas the most accurate and relevant results

Dynamic filtering

Remove all unnecessary filtering options from each search and show only the most relevant ones to each website visitor

Smart autocomplete

Help your visitors find exactly what they need and simultaneously save their time and remove unwanted results

Our customer service is available to you at any time you need help or want to learn something new about Luigi’s Box features.

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What Luigi's Box Recommender can do?

Let your customers know you recognize their interests and preferences without saying a word. Smart recommender by Luigi’s Box can help you target each customer and show them precise, tailor-made recommendations based on their preferences, and previously viewed products on your e‑shop.

Recommendations in shopping carts

Offer customers recommendations to products already added to their shopping cart and increase your average cart value

Margin preference

Multiply your sales with recommendations of the most profitable products in the top results

Recommendation rules

Set up and tweak your own rules for recommendations and enhance their automation

Recommendation bundles

Recommend products that are often bought frequently with a combination of multiple other products

Place personalized product recommendations anywhere on your website and increase the average order value with minimum effort

What Luigi's Box Product Listing can do?

Does your online shop have a wide variety of products? With Luigi’s Box Product listing, you can help your customers easily find what they are looking for. They can quickly check a product’s characteristics and product images, compare it with others, view its reviews, and ultimately make a purchase.

Improve customers’ experience while browsing your website looking for their desired products, and speed up the entire purchase process. Look at a few of our smart Product listing features:


Personalize product listing pages according to customers' previous interactions with your e‑shop

Product ranking

Choose products that appear in the Product listing and and arrange them according to your preferences

Product banners

Promote chosen products directly in the Product listing with product banners that you can customize as needed anytime


Promote specific product, brand, or category that works best for your business goals

Why should every online merchant focus more on search and search engines? Learn more in our e‑commerce guide about search benchmarks and insights.

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What Luigi's Box Analytics can do?

It’s important to understand the behavior of your shoppers and make the most out of it. Luigi’s Box analytics can provide you with intuitive and easy to understand visual representation of data directly in your dashboard.

Stay on track of areas where you can improve, and find out about those where you’re doing your best already. Schedule a demo with us, and we’ll show you how to use Luigi’s Box analytics and make the most out of them.

“No results” tracking

Track fruitless searches and recommendations and what needs to be fixed to avoid unwanted results in the future

Lost opportunities

Get regular information about how and why you lost opportunities and avoid future losses

Trending searches

Discover trending keywords, products and search terms users query the most on your platform

Autocomplete usage

See how the Autocomplete feature performs on your e‑shop and maximize its usage

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Luigi’s Box toolset doesn’t slow down your website, so you can be sure the shopping experience will stay the same for each user. You can adjust the function of your search bar based on user interactions with your content. Customize and adjust your shoppers’ experience with custom suggestions and improve your chances of making a successful sale.

Easy 4-step integration with no need for IT specialists. No credit card is required.


Log in to you Merchant Center


Go to Settings > Developer settings


In the API clients, click "Create new API client" on the right side of the screen


Give the new API client a name, e.g.: "Luigi's Box sync client"


Luigi’s Box pricing is usage-based. It means interested users of Luigi’s Box can contact the vendor to get a plan and pricing information customized to their specific needs.

Please provide us with essential information about your e‑shops, such as the number of products in your store’s catalog and the average monthly pageviews your website gets, in the form, and one of our specialists will get in touch with you as soon as possible. These factors will affect how much your customized plan costs.

Luigi’s Box pricing is usage-based

No additional charges. Talk to us to learn more.