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Make search easier with the smart search-as-you-type feature without typing the whole query.

What is Autocomplete?

Autocomplete is a search feature that autocompletes and suggests words in a search bar based on various keywords related to products. It’s frequently used to save customers time and encourage customer buying decisions. For example, if a website visitor starts typing the word “laptop” into a search bar, the Autocomplete feature will suggest the word before the customer finishes typing it. Luigi’s Box autocomplete feature provides context to customer search queries and ensures they will always find the products they are searching for.

How can you use Autocomplete?

Autocomplete is a great feature that can help your customers save time and also suggest and influence purchasing decisions thanks to referencing other product types. The feature automatically completes words the website visitors type, and thanks to AI learning, it can also provide better and more accurate results. This can help you save time, suggest more products, and let customers learn more about your entire product selection.

The Luigi’s Box autocomplete feature has more than one use case. You can use it to ensure visitors will use the search feature correctly and guide visitors to the desired product categories. Autocomplete is also incredibly useful for filling in the context of customers’ search queries when they know only a part of a product’s name or when they simply cannot recall the exact product name. This feature also provides visual context – online shoppers can see the desired product if they enter a specific product name.

What are the benefits of Autocomplete?

  • Smarter product suggestions
  • Increased customer satisfaction