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Product Ranking

Choose products that will appear in the Product listing and their preferred sequence.

What is Product ranking in Product listing?

Product ranking in Product listing is a feature that determines the best product matches in each product listing based on various conditions. This includes the entered search query but also ranking by novelty, profit margins, and product boosting. Based on this data, the system determines which products will be ranked higher and lower in the product listing.

It’s a simple but very effective feature that greatly improves customer experience, thanks to showing relevant results in any scenario.

How can you use Product ranking in Product listing?

Product ranking in Product listing is an essential feature for improving your chances of showing relevant results to customers after each search. Each product with a higher ranking is essentially a closer match to the customers’ search queries, therefore it has a higher chance of getting bought.

Without product ranking, the product listings would be very likely randomized and confusing for most customers, which is why this feature has great importance for customer satisfaction and overall happiness. It can remove plenty of unwanted results, and remove frustration from customers during their searches.

What are the benefits of using Product ranking in Product listing?

  • Ensures correct product listing results
  • Removes unwanted and low-ranking results
  • Custom ranking for each customer