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Dynamic Product Filters

Use dynamic filters in Product listing pages to facilitate browsing through vast products.

What are Dynamic filters?

Dynamic filters in Luigi’s Box Product Listing take care of the effortless organizing of search results based on the product category. No two categories will have the same set of filters, instead, the dynamic filters will change accordingly based on varying properties of product types.

For example, suppose a customer searches for laptops and later for headsets product categories. In that case, the filters will adjust accordingly and allow customers to customize their search based on the properties and features of a selected product category. A category of laptops will include screen sizes, specs, and other related data, while headsets will include connector types and other related filtering options.

How can you use Dynamic filters?

This feature is immensely useful for specifying and organizing search results. Customers can define what products they want to see thanks to filtering out unwanted results. Whenever they want to see products that meet their criteria, they can simply filter them out.

These filters can be used to specify product criteria in great depth, which makes browsing significantly easier for each customer. The end result and effect of using Dynamic filters is shorter and more fulfilling shopping times, increased customer happiness, and a larger likelihood of selling products.

What are the benefits of using Dynamic filters?

  • Easier navigation in product listings
  • Easier finding of product that meet customers’ criteria
  • Improve customer satisfaction