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Product Banners in Product Listing

Promote chosen products directly in the Product listing and customize them at any time.

What are Product banners in Product listing?

Product Listing is one of the four key Luigi’s Box products that offers a comprehensive and extensive product overview after each search. The Product banners feature is also a part of this product, and it serves a unique role – you can use them to promote specific products of your choice within any product listing.

You can easily select which products should be promoted, and a banner will show up to customers in a product listing whenever they enter a related search query into the search box.

How can you use Product banners in Product listing?

Product banners in Product Listings are a great feature for catching attention and guiding customers to specific products that you want to get noticed first. These banners are flexible and they can fill a large number of roles in product promotion. Use them to promote discounted products, completely new stock, or products that you need to sell faster. Customers will see the banners directly in the product listing after entering their search query, and these will surely get noticed. This can increase your chances of selling the promoted products.

What are the benefits of using Product banners in Product listing?

  • Promote products directly in product listings
  • Get your products some extra attention
  • Increases sales