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Advanced CEE Support

Cover Central and Eastern European languages used in more than 30 countries.

What is the Advanced CEE Support?

While Luigi’s Box offers support for all of our clients from any country and in any type of business that requires our search, we offer extra support to our clients from Central and Eastern Europe. We offer Luigi’s Box in many translations and localizations, but we offer extra support to clients from Central and Eastern Europe, because this is the area where Luigi’s Box headquarters is and we know the market very well.

How can you use Advanced CEE Support?

Languages like Polish, Czech, Slovak, or Hungarian tend to use more complicated grammatical forms, various tenses, and grammatical genders which can make them a lot more complex to use in a software environment and apply within the interface. Advanced CEE Support is extremely useful for customers who want to run their business with Luigi’s Box in their preferred language. All Central and Eastern European languages are deeply integrated with Luigi’s Box, so you can switch anytime.

They receive special attention to make sure all features and tools are localized correctly. The Advanced CEE Support of languages is also deeply related to the search, which means that your customers can easily search for products in any of the languages included. With the unification of grammatical forms, and ensuring that word lemmatization is applied wherever necessary, you can ensure a smooth shopping experience for each customer.

What are the benefits of Advanced CEE Support?

  • Get extra language support in the CEE area
  • Work comfortably with Luigi’s Box in your native language
  • Create a smooth customer experience in the CEE area