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Eliminate words that lead to incorrect search results on your website with custom stopwords.

What is NLP (Custom stopwords) feature?

NLP, or Natural Language Processing refers to a process that removes unimportant words from text. Stop words are considered any words that often repeat in most types of texts, such as “the”, “in”, “and”, and etcetera.

Most language processors remove stop words in order to focus on the important words in the context and provide only relevant results. Custom stopwords is a feature that allows users to create and customize a list of stopwords that will be omitted or included in search results.

How can you use NLP (Custom stopwords)?

You can utilize this feature to help your product show up in search engines. Thanks to specifying which stopwords should be omitted, you can increase the chances of getting the products you offer discovered by new potential customers. This feature removes the possibility of slow or incorrect searches happening on your website.

What are the benefits of NLP (Custom stopwords)?

  • More accurate search results
  • Increased chances of product discovery
  • Less resources spent on non-unique words