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Article Recommender

Get a recommender that offers product suggestions for articles and longer text formats.

What is the Article recommender feature?

Luigi’s Box Recommender is not only for recommending products, you can use it to recommender informational articles too. It works just like the classic Recommender, except it will provide website visitors with recommendations for articles written by you. This feature extends Luigi’s Box functionality not only for e‑shops but also for other online businesses that don’t necessarily sell any physical or digital products.

How can you use the Article recommender feature?

The Luigi’s Box Article recommender is an ideal tool for multiple use cases. It’s mainly great for online businesses that require various kinds of documentation to be easily accessible and available to their online visitors. The Recommender can recognize a keyword written by online visitors and suggest a document that is the closest match.

This feature can be also very useful for traditional e‑shops that sell products, as you can provide various kinds of product documentation, guides, articles, how-tos, and much more. The Article recommender and the Luigi’s Box search simply make it a lot easier to find what your online visitors need without long searches.

What are the benefits of the Article recommender feature?

  • Support of articles in Recommender
  • Help your customers easily find documentation
  • Works for many use cases and business purposes