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Recommender Personalization

Sell more products by recommending relevant products according to customers' desires.

What is Recommender personalization?

This Luigi’s Box feature uses your online shoppers’ information and data to enhance their recommendations and personalize them. Recommendations are only as useful as they are accurate, which is what makes this feature essential for improving your chances of selling more products thanks to smart recommending.

How can you use Recommender personalization?

Recommendations are more likely to prove useful if they are tailored to each customer’s desires. Personalizing each customer’s recommendation is a great way to make sure your e‑shop items will get noticed.

Recommending relevant products to customers makes them more likely to be bought, which can increase both customer satisfaction, and your sales. It’s a great and efficient feature that shouldn’t be missing from any good e‑shop.

What are the benefits of Recommender personalization?

  • Recommend relevant products
  • Improved chances of getting a sale
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction