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Document Search

Make searching easier with feature that covers search in documents with unstructured texts.

What is the Document Search feature?

Luigi’s Box search box can serve an additional role as a tool for document search. Your product search can be used by online visitors, customers, or clients to search for various types of documents.

This can include anything of relevance, including terms & conditions, returns policy documents, purchase conditions, or even things like how-tos, gudies and tutorials. There are many use cases for document search, especially thanks to support of various formats. Luigi’s Box document search can handle PDFs, Word documents, Excel sheets, or RTF files.

How can you use the Document search feature?

Document search is an essential tool for customers who want to find necessary information. This can include anything mentioned in the above paragraph. Most e‑shops have a standard return policy, purchase conditions, or return and refund conditions available on a dedicated URL. However, documents with the full text are often hard to find for users, even on websites that have a great design and easy navigation. That’s where document search by Luigi’s Box can help you out greatly and make searching for documents a piece of cake.

What are the benefits of the Document search feature?

  • Easy document search
  • Support of PDF, Word, Excel, and RTF document search
  • Flexible use cases for any type of website