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Machine Learning

Provide better product results, improve your sales and gathered data for analytics.

What is Machine learning feature?

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence that allows a computer to learn from data and continually improve various processes based on its activity. These improvements are based on the computer’s ability to predict outcomes more accurately and adjust its processes to ensure the best possible results.

Luigi’s Box utilizes machine learning to improve our search results, provide better product results to your customers, and give you better data to use for further improvement.

How can you use machine learning?

Machine learning continually provides better and more accurate search results for your search. Customers can find desired results with better accuracy, while you can improve your sales. Machine learning is not present only in this part of Luigi’s Box, it’s also an integral part of our analytics features to always give you improved data specific just for your situations.

How can you benefit from machine learning?

  • Continuous AI improvements to search processes
  • Better analytics and data