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No Code Self Service Integration

Self-integrate easily without the need for your IT team and any coding knowledge. For any user.

What is No code self-service integration?

No code self-service integrations refer to a type of an application that is easily implementable and deployable without any coding knowledge or skill necessary on the side of the user.

This makes it incredibly easy for almost any type of user to start using Luigi’s Box on their e‑shop. There is no necessity to contact a developer or any other coding expert to do so.

How can you use our No code self-service integration?

Our no code self-service integration is easy to use by almost anyone, which makes it easy for users to get started with Luigi’s Box. Simply deploy the application through our integration with your eCommerce builder and improve your e‑shop.

What are the benefits of No code self-service integration?

  • Saves time and frustration
  • Removes coding knowledge necessity
  • Lets you get started easily