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Product Variants

Include different product variants in your search and give customers a more comprehensive selection.

What is the Product variants feature?

Product variants is a Luigi’s Box search feature that allows your e‑shop search recognition and a showcase of various versions of a particular product. Many products come in different variations and versions which might have different visuals, designs, features, equipment, or other additional items included.

How can you use the Product variants feature?

Help your customers make the right choice and include different product variants in your e‑shop’s search. The product variants feature makes sure that each variant will be represented in the search, and none of them will be omitted from it.

This can help you give your customers options and help them find a product version they prefer. It can also boost your credibility and show a larger variety of the same product, giving you a competitive advantage.

What are the benefits of the Product variants feature?

  • Promote different product variants
  • Provide variety for shoppers
  • Increase sales
  • Get a competitive advantage