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Search Conversion Rate

Learn about successful searches with the best results and unsuccessful ones to improve.

What is Search conversion rate?

Search conversion rate is a Luigi’s Box analytics feature that can provide you with some of the most important pieces of information – search conversion rates. Our analytics can show which successful searches came up with the best results, while also giving you insight about the less successful ones.

How can you use Search conversion rate?

Search conversion rate is one of the most important analytics features in Luigi’s Box. Find out which searches are the best performers that bring you the most sales. Don’t neglected searches with lower conversion rates, as you can use them to find out what’s wrong and make significant improvements, or drastic decisions about products that don’t have a fan base on your e‑shop.

What are the benefits of Search conversion rate?

  • Find out which searches brought you the largest conversions
  • Learn about key pain points and use data to improve