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Searches with Low Conversion

Improve the success of your e‑shop by revealing searches with low conversions to solve.

What are Searches with low conversion?

Searches with low conversions are searches that proved to be unsuccessful in convincing online visitors to buy any products that turned up in their search. This can happen due to many reasons, such as inaccurate search, wrong keyword management, lack of desirable products and much more.

The analytics of searches with low conversions are an important piece of data for improving future searches and improving customer experience.

How can you use the Searches with low conversions analytics?

Searches with low conversions are some of the most common pain points in each e‑shop, regardless of its success. It’s also a great piece of data to have access to because it helps you improve each and every day. Determining which searches bring low conversions is an important first step to solving problems with ineffective searches and removing any unsuccessful settings or adjustments in search.

What are the benefits of the Searches with low conversions analytics?

  • Determine which searches have low conversions
  • Improve with the right data at your disposal