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Book Store Search Engine

Improving Online Bookstores Search Experiences

What benefits bring Luigi's Box to online bookstores? If you operate an e-store with millions of books in one place, our intelligent search engine can help you increase sales, as customers who find their desired products efficiently are more likely to purchase.

But that's not all. Discover what else it can do.

Luigi's Box Search

Luigi’s Box provides advanced search with several interesting features that can help customers get their desired results in a short period of time. Luigi’s Box Search uses machine learning and AI to optimize the order of search results and recognize synonyms and typos to reduce 0-results searches on your website and thus reduce the exit rate without purchase.

Thanks to Autocomplete feature, your customers can find their favorite author after typing the first few letters in a search bar.

Online bookstores use autocomplete at a higher rate than other segments. Most visitors in this segment search using the name of a specific book or author, which is unambiguous and can be significantly longer than queries used in other segments.

If the autocomplete offers to complete such a name, there usually isn’t much to hesitate about. With Luigi’s Box, you can promote the products of a specific brand or rank the relevant search results in an order that works best for you and many others.

How else can you use Luigi's Box for online bookstores?

Luigi’s Box offers other unique features like product recommendations by Luigi’s Box Recommender, which displays relevant book recommendations based on customers’ preferences and previous searches.

Recommender also gives suggestions for sold-out products and authors, so customers can choose different pieces from the chosen author when the one they want is not available at the moment.

With Luigi’s Box Recommender, you can raise your average order value by recommending books for sale or the most popular books in your stock. Luigi’s Box also offers comprehensive analytics to get insights into the state of your search and its trends and identifies found issues for improvement.

For online stores with a wide variety of products, the Luigi’s Box Product listing enhances customers’ browsing experience. Customers can easily find the book they are looking for, check its characteristics, compare it with others, and view reviews, all in one go.

Benefits of using Luigi's Box features for online bookstores

Did you know that 70% of visitors who use search are more likely to purchase? And that 13% of searches return no results? Luigi’s Box Search can deal with typos, synonyms, and diacritics. These features modify search results and keep the number of 0-results searches between 1% and 5%. Sometimes customers visit a bookstore’s website looking for a book whose full title or author they don’t remember. That’s where Autocomplete comes in handy and can find what customers are looking for after the first keystroke.

Based on their previous search on your website, we can predict their preferences and personalized website content for them. That also applies to recommendations. Our recommender displays personalized product recommendations, offers alternatives to your sold-out books, even recommends products to products already added to your shopping cart, and increases average shopping cart value by 25%.

With product recommendations, customers are 56% more likely to return to your online store and buy again. For online bookstore owners with multiple print and audiobooks, we recommend using the product listing feature to increase your sales by 12% with automated ranking and category recommendations.

What does it mean for you as an online bookstore owner? First, you will not lose customers because they cannot find your products anymore; vice versa, they will buy more. Multiple case studies have proven Luigi’s Box’s impact on search conversions across all segments.

G2 Reviews

Product discovery ratings

Here’s how G2 users rated product discovery features for e-commerce as of June 13, 2023.

Luigi’s Box
Recommendations Luigi’s Box
Responses: 63
Recommendations Algolia
Responses: 66
Recommendations Doofinder
Responses: 155
Recommendations Searchspring
Responses: 53
Conversion Luigi’s Box
Responses: 63
Conversion Algolia
Responses: 65
Conversion Doofinder
Responses: 160
Conversion Searchspring
Responses: 50
Personalization Luigi’s Box
Responses: 60
Personalization Algolia
Responses: 67
Personalization Doofinder
Responses: 160
Personalization Searchspring
Responses: 51
Faceted Search
Faceted Search Luigi’s Box
Responses: 53
Faceted Search Algolia
Responses: 71
Faceted Search Doofinder
Responses: 154
Faceted Search Searchspring
Responses: 52
Ranking and Relevancy
Ranking and Relevancy Luigi’s Box
Responses: 59
Ranking and Relevancy Algolia
Responses: 77
Ranking and Relevancy Doofinder
Responses: 161
Ranking and Relevancy Searchspring
Responses: 51

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of using effective search software for online bookstores?

Effective search software brings better usability so that customers can find what they are looking for effortlessly. This can increase sales, as customers who find what they are looking for easily are more likely to make a purchase, decrease the bounce rate and site search also offers opportunities for merchandising.

Why is Luigi's Box a suitable search software for Books e-commerce segment?

Luigi’s Box is an e-commerce solution trusted by more than 2000 e-shops worldwide. From the beginning of its journey, the company got several awards for its analytics or search. Luigi’s Box integration consists of four easy steps without any IT skills or knowledge and has a great team of specialists that are the best in what they do. Luigi’s Box offers several features to get from your business the most. Luigi’s Box is compatible with any e‑commerce platform.

Why search matters for online bookstores?

Books is an e-commerce segment where the search is used the most. Almost half of the online bookstore visitors use search to find the desired books, our study has shown. That’s because they usually know what they’re looking for, and the names of the products are very straightforward – author + title. Therefore, online bookstores should pay close attention to the performance of their search box.