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Why 13% of searches return no results?

Luigi's Blog | August 23, 2021

The main precondition for a search to lead to a conversion is that the customer gets (relevant) results from their query.

Rate of searches without results is an important indicator, which tells you if your search is converting or driving the customers away.

On average, 13% of searches return no results

Comparison of the no-results search rate across segments. Click on the image to enlarge.

The search might return no results when the product is not in stock or when the e-shop doesn’t offer such an item. However, it is much worse if the reason is inefficient search software.

When can inefficient search returns no results?

  1. Alternative names
  2. Slang expessions
  3. Typos
  4. (No) Use of diacritics
  5. Product code format

Why does it matter?

Almost 30% of customers leave the e-shop immediately after a failed search and are most likely to go shopping on a competitor’s site.

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