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Best E‑Commerce Site Search Solutions to Boost Your Search Experience

Learn more about the top 5 e-commerce site search tools that can improve your potential customers' online shopping experience while increasing your conversion rate and revenue.

Best E‑Commerce Site Search Solutions to Boost Your Search Experience

Improve your potential customers’ online shopping experience while increasing your conversion rate and revenue with these top 5 e‑commerce site search solutions.

What’s an e‑commerce search software tool?

An e‑commerce search software helps online sellers and e‑commerce businesses offer a better customer experience by enabling customers to find relevant products for their needs easily. It analyzes and indexes product data and other e‑commerce information to make it easier for consumers to find the most suitable options in your product catalog.

An e‑commerce site search software helps people easily find products they want to buy. This way, it helps reduce cart abandonment, improve customer satisfaction and engagement, decrease bounce rate, and boost revenue.

Who uses e‑commerce search software?

An e‑commerce search tool is mainly used by online stores and merchandisers. It provides data and analysis that helps marketing and sales teams to improve their strategies and earn more profit.

​Although this kind of software focuses exclusively on e‑commerce search queries, some tools also include certain features of online merchandising software and e‑commerce personalization software. Many e‑commerce search software tools often integrate with e‑commerce platforms and product information management (PIM) software.

What to look for in an e‑commerce site search software

Here are some of the features an e‑commerce search solution should offer:

  • Structure and index product descriptions and data for e‑commerce stores
  • Provide multiple search options such as autocomplete and filters
  • Integrate with merchandising software, e‑commerce platforms, and shopping cart software
  • Analyze and optimize search results
  • Manage typos, grammatical errors, and spelling mistakes

Top 5 e‑commerce site search software solutions

Based on G2 rankings, here are a few popular e‑commerce site search tools that can help you improve your search suggestions, your website’s user experience, and your average conversion rate.

1. Luigi’s Box

Luigi’s Box offers a set of tools for e‑commerce businesses to improve their site’s search functionality. It leverages user intent, predictive analytics, and past customer searches to provide your users with the best possible shopping experience.

From faceted search to product discovery, Luigi’s Box covers all the interactions while giving you complete control and data for your business decisions. Its Search Analytics provides you with detailed dashboards, giving you all the relevant information about the performance of search and navigation elements on your website. For example, you can identify your hot searches, what sections of your website need help to deliver accurate search results, and where you are losing people’s attention.

Luigi’s Box allows visitors to discover your products as efficiently as possible. You can integrate it easily by pasting the tracking script into your website’s header. In addition, Luigi’s Box doesn’t negatively affect the functionality of your website, including rendering.

2. Algolia

Algolia is an API platform that helps e‑commerce search engines deliver relevant search results quickly. It provides the search service via various APIs. When a user types a search term in its search box, Algolia performs a more site-specific search than a generalized web text search to deliver more relevant products. It also enables faceted search and discovery through filtering functionality and pre-built faceting widgets.

With Algolia, developers can get insights into how users interact with the website. Its Recommend feature allows you to offer AI-based product recommendations. In addition, you can launch A/B tests and search analytics via APIs or a user-friendly dashboard.

Algolia Autocomplete provides accurate search suggestions with an autocomplete feature by leveraging your users’ text input in the search box and their data.

3. Yext

Founded in 2006, Yext helps companies answer different questions about their business. Yext’s Answers Platform collects and organizes content into a Knowledge Graph, then uses other products like Listings, Pages, Reviews, and Search, to deliver relevant results.

Yext leverages natural language processing (NLP) to understand the meaning and context behind search queries. It provides AI-powered e‑commerce solutions that help websites deliver direct answers to their customers. You can also use real-time clickstream data to yield the best rankings for your products and information across browse, recommendations, and search features.

Yext gives you actionable insights on consumer behavior, buyer intent, and search patterns to help inform the way you customize and design your online store.

4. Searchspring

Searchspring helps e‑commerce businesses improve the shopping experience of their customers. Its search functionality enables brands to get the right product, to the right person, at the right time. This way, it helps you increase cart size, conversions, and repeat customers with search, merchandising, and personalization.

Customers receive relevant results when they look for content or items on your website. The platform considers spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, typos, or missing details. You can deliver a practical search experience without creating plugins or writing custom code.

Searchspring’s Semantic Product Search ensures customers are taken to the correct set of products and not a collection of products that are only loosely related to their query. Its Semantic Search feature breaks apart words in searches and identifies which are product categories and which are attributes. This leads to a better search experience and higher conversion rates.

5. Bloomreach

Bloomreach’s Site Search automatically suggests common searches based on your shoppers’ behavior. Its semantic engine supplements suggestions to reduce cold start issues, and Bloomreach eliminates any suggestions that would lead to null results.

Bloomreach automatically reorders your facets based on interaction data to match how customers search. For new products that don’t have interaction data yet, Bloomreach ranks facets according to category. It leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to optimize relevance and ranking over time.

You can also tailor SKU images to match customer preferences. The tool automatically picks which product image customers see by matching the attribute they searched for. For example, it shows plus-sized models to customers who search for XXL clothing.

  • Search bar – Display an autocomplete when users click into the search bar, showing them the top products and categories right away.
  • Mobile autocomplete – Improve the search experience for your mobile users by providing autocomplete suggestions on their smartphones.
  • Voice search – Allow your customers to use their voice to search for products, especially when using mobile devices.
  • Search results – Improve customers’ shopping experience by tracking their intent and offering them relevant search results based on previous interactions.

Frequently asked questions

Does your e‑commerce website really need a site search tool?

According to statistics, up to 30% of visitors on an e‑commerce site use internal search. An internal site search tool can increase your conversion rate by 2-3x.

Using an e‑commerce site search software allows you to improve your customer experience by helping users quickly find relevant products on your website. It helps online stores reduce their bounce rate and cart abandonment while enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

What are the must-have features in an e‑commerce site search software?

Although there are many options, e‑commerce businesses should look for site search tools that provide:

  • Autocomplete suggestions
  • Spell check, autocorrect, typo tolerance, and synonym search
  • Advanced filters
  • Personalized search results

Should I build an e‑commerce site search software from scratch or use a ready-made tool?

Building your own e‑commerce search tool will give you more flexibility and customizability. However, it is a risky approach, and you might need significant upfront costs, time, and skills to create a fully functional software tool.

On the other hand, a readymade tool makes it easier to get started. It’s already tested and improved via a larger user base’s feedback, meaning you might end up with exciting new features you wouldn’t have thought of on your own, and bugs can get resolved faster. Most ready-made software platforms also have built-in integrations with other tools. Plus, you also get access to a customer support team, which means you won’t have to deal with any technical issues alone.

What are the best site search tools for online businesses?

Some of the high-performing e‑commerce site search platforms include Luigi’s Box, Algolia, Searchspring, Yext, and Bloomreach. Each tool offers a unique set of features that you may find useful for your business. For example, Luigi’s Box AI-powered search anticipates the user to make mistakes, typos, and use incorrect or slang terms or even synonyms and relevant keywords during the search, helping you avoid no-results searches, and ensures the best experience for customers.

Before you choose any tool, we recommend trying it out to see if it matches your needs. Book a free demo call to try out Luigi’s Box or request a free 14-day trial of our Analytics feature.

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