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Query Redirects

Save customers searching time and redirect them to the right place based on your custom rules.

What is the Query redirects feature?

The Query redirects feature in Luigi’s Box takes care of redirecting specific search queries to other URLs. This can be used mainly outside of the product search, and as an additional useful search feature. For example, if a customer searches for the terms GDPR or Cookies in Luigi’s Box search, they will not get product results at all. Instead, they will be automatically redirected to the GDPR or Cookies URL on your website.

This feature can be customized with manual rules, so you can find many use cases for it and accommodate various results with custom phrases for redirects.

How can you use the Query redirects feature?

Query redirects are useful time savers mostly for other situations related to online shopping. They can save customers time and work similarly to a search box in a browser. Customers don’t have to search for specific URLs via links on your website, instead, they can just type what they need and the Query redirects feature will take care of the rest.

This feature allows you to apply manual rules and generally get creative with the Query redirects. You can use them in various ways, not just for basic URLs, but also for dedicated product landing pages to increase interest in various product categories.

What are the benefits of the Query redirects feature?

  • Automatic redirects from search
  • Saves time
  • Support of manual rules for query redirects